A Day in Life of Investment Banker’s Life in 2024

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Written By Vedant Dwivedi

Investment banking is a gratifying career. You can advise about the stock market, mergers and purchases, and other topics. You can also give guidance when it comes to raising capital on capital markets. By learning more about their daily tasks, you can determine whether a career in investment banking is the right path.

Investment banking is a highly competitive industry that is a place of giant deals and huge fortunes. Finding your home in such an ample space can be difficult. When you are just getting started, it can be incredibly confusing. We will give you a peek into the typical day of an investment banker to help you get through the first adjustment period.

What is an Investment Banker?

Investment bankers work with new clients and provide initial public offerings. They also assist in mergers and acquisitions. Here are some tasks that an investment banker has to perform regularly. Investment bankers can now be reached even when they leave the office, thanks to the advancement of modern technology.

The financial rewards of being an investment banker are great, but the long working days and stress levels can be high. But those who can manage their time and work ethic well will reap the rewards of their hard work tenfold.


The Work Environment for Investment Bankers

Investment bankers can work at many places, such as banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, or stock exchanges. Many investment bankers are full-time, and many work more than 40 hours a week. Most of the work is done in an office.

However, some bankers may travel to their clients or attend conferences or investment seminars to increase their network.

Investment banking requires much energy and a commitment to the industry. Investment bankers often have busy schedules filled with phone calls and meetings. It is an excellent investment banking career for ambitious people who thrive under pressure. They can use their demanding role to improve.

A Typical Working Day of an Investment Banker

Investment bankers perform several daily duties:

1. The Morning

After an investment banker completes the first few weeks of working at a company, they will develop a work routine. Due to their demanding work, an investment banker can work up to eighty hours weekly.

The mornings are usually filled with team meetings and answering emails from clients, senior banks, or colleagues. Morning hours for investment bankers are relatively calm and relaxed. They start at 9 am, take their lunch break around noon, and then leave the office.

2. Afternoon

Investment bankers dedicate much of their day to researching the stock exchange to share accurate and current information with clients and colleagues. Many investment bankers keep several websites related to the stock exchange open during the day to receive the latest news. Investment banking involves much research on loans, liquidity, and foreign currency exchanges. It also includes legal and compliance risks, business and investment risks, and operational risks. To stay abreast of the constantly changing regulations and policies, bankers keep a regular schedule for research.

Investment bankers also spend a good few hours a day in meetings. Meetings with clients are expected to discuss bond negotiations, sales, or acquisitions or with other bankers for presentations, pitches, or exchanges. As an investment banker, scheduling other tasks around meetings, like phone calls or research, is essential.

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3. Evening

Investment bankers begin to review their work in the morning and early afternoon as the sun sets and make any necessary revisions after hearing from analysts and senior officers.

After finishing their revisions, investment bankers usually eat dinner at the office between 7–9 pm. Investment bankers prepare presentations with IT software after dinner for meetings the next day. First-year investment banking professionals often leave their offices between 11 pm and 1 am to prepare for the next day’s work.

Investment banking is demanding, but the high salary compensates for it. The increased workload and responsibility of the job may be intimidating to some, but with real-world experience, you can break into the finance industry.


Investment banking is a demanding job that requires long hours and high levels of stress. The financial and intellectual rewards are very tempting. Investment banking course online can help you navigate the turbulent waters of adjustment and gain recognition in this fast-paced, competitive industry.

Evening presentations (also known as pitch books for investment banking) are often created by investment bankers to attract new clients. Bankers usually explain why they are the best in the investment banking industry and how they can assist their clients in investment transactions. Investment bankers can also create presentations to show off their clients’ portfolios, give them an insight into recent investments or transactions, or update them about the current status of negotiations.

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