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A Complete Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error PS077 Quickly

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QuickBooks Error PS077 is a payroll error. You are prone to get this error when you are trying to update Payroll in QuickBooks. There is no need to worry further; you are at the right place in case you are having this issue. A very common cause of this error is outdated QuickBooks software. But there could be more reasons that are causing the QuickBooks Desktop Error PS077. You can fix the same by resolving the causes behind the reflection of the error message. You must be wondering what went wrong. Read this blog completely to know the causes of the error. Also, we have mentioned the solution to help you avoid the said error. 

In case you are unsure of conducting the fixes here, dial TFN +1-(855)-955-1942 to get help from a certified expert. They will help you thoroughly to fix the error with proper guidance

Causes Of PS077 Error In QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks payroll error PS077 could be caused due to various reasons. You need to know the reasons to find which fix will be suitable for your system. We are enlisting the common causes that are the reason for the QuickBooks error message PS077

  • The QuickBooks on your system is not the latest version. You need to download the latest version of it. The older version will cause the error; hence, ensure to have the latest updates.
  • Windows firewall setting needs to be configured as it is blocking the Payroll update. 
  • QB Desktop registry is not activated. You need to fix this by following the solution we have provided in this blog.

Along with the issue we have mentioned above, check if the system is connected to the internet properly. If not, in that case, you need to fix the internet issues as well.

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Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS077

QuickBooks error code PS077 could appear due to more than one issue. In the same way, there are different possible common solutions available for it. Check out the solution provided below to fix the issue. But ensure that you are executing the solutions carefully. 

Solution 1: Check if QuickBooks is Registered

You need to check if your QuickBooks is registered. You can do so by following the steps we are mentioning here:

  • Click F2, and the product information will be reflected on the screen.
  • This will show you the status of the registry. You need to ensure that it shows Activated. You will find the same alongside the license number. 

If you find it is not active, then you need to register it. We are giving you the steps here; just follow them, and you will be able to register your QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Go to the Help tab once you are in the QuickBooks program on your system.
  • From the dropdown options, click on Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions further to activate QuickBooks.

Solution 2: Update the QuickBooks Software for Your System

You get the option to update the QuickBooks automatically in the QuickBooks software. Also, you can do it manually by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate to the Help tab in the QuickBooks. Then click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Next, click on Update Now, followed by Get Updates.
  • As the update starts, let it finish, and install it by agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Now, reopen the QuickBooks software to see if the error still lingers. If it’s still there, go for the next solution.

Solution 3: Run Quick Fix My Program from the QB tool hub by Intuit official site

  • Download and install the QB tool hub from Intuit. This is an automatic way to fix the common QuickBooks problem in an automatic way provided by Intuit.
  • Next, click on Program Problems, followed by Quick Fix My Program.
  • This might take a while to open; allow it to run. This will fix the common error due to which you might be seeing the QuickBooks Desktop Error PS077.


Here, we have given you the possible solutions to fix QuickBooks Error PS077 ; if it helps, we are glad. In case you are still stuck, you should seek expert help. Dial +1-(855)-955-1942 to get the best QuickBooks expert to assist you in resolving QuickBooks error message PS077. We will be even more glad to help you resolve any query regarding any of the QuickBooks.

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