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5 Powerful TikTok Features to Enhance Brand’s Growth

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TikTok is a good platform with billions of active users. Many marketers are using this TikTok app because of its features. There are many features available on TikTok to support your brand’s growth. Start to know your user’s interest and post many videos to catch the user’s eyeballs. Check the views and likes to know your reach among TikTok users. Additionally, you can utilize tiktok counter app to know the accurate likes and views. Try to keep the videos short of grabbing more users’ attention. 

Marketing your brands using the TikTok app can help develop your business. Focus and plan your strategies to reach the target audience on TikTok. If you need more ideas to enhance your growth, read this article to learn the tips and tricks. Let’s begin!

  1. Set up a Business Account

A business account helps any type of business to expand its exposure. However, if you want more recognition for your brand, you have to turn your personal account into a pro one. The steps are:

  • Open the TikTok app on your device.
  • If you already have a personal account, turn it into a pro.
  • Select ‘Me’ in the right corner and edit the profile. Here it will allow you to add a profile picture, details of your bio, and a link to your other social media platforms. 
  • Select manage account and switch to a business account.

Following these steps, you can create a business account and promote your brand. It will surely help you to grow your brand on this TikTok medium.

  1. Add Effects to Videos 

TikTok is a convenient platform for sharing all valuable information with audiences. Try to create content relatable to your brand and publish the videos consistently. Add effects to all the promotions to make the videos look more appealing to the users. It can pave the way to increase the views of your videos. You can also use TikTok Counter to know the exact real-time views counts and engagement. Remember to post videos regularly to let the users know your brand’s details. If you do, it will help your brand’s growth. 

  1. Go Live 

TikTok has many active Gen Z users interested in purchasing many products. Going live on a medium like Tiktok can help you quickly engage the audience. Plan a date and time when you are free to go live. Just think that you are talking to a friend on a video call. It will help explain all the brand’s details to the users. But it will mainly help to connect with the users in real time.

Add a cover photo and the live stream title and announce the time to the audience. Finally, start the live stream to promote your brand. It will make the users know about your online presence and increase sales. Go live with good content to enhance your business growth. 

  1. Run Ads

TikTok ads are one of the good features to help all marketers to get success in their campaigns. It enhances the brand’s voice among the target audience. You can target the users based on their interests, languages, gender, location, age, and behavior. TikTok ads can help you to create more awareness for the brand. There are different types of ads available on this medium. They are as follows:

  • In-feed Ads:

These are native ads and appear on the ‘For You Page.’ Users can view the ads when they scroll the TikTok videos. In addition, it allows the users to view, like, and share the videos with other audiences. 

  • Brand Takeover Ads:

Mainly this ad takes the whole screen for a few seconds and displays the content. Next, it turns into an in-feed ad.

  • Branded Effects Ads:

These ads allow you to add a custom filter of your own and last up to 10 days. It gains more engagement in a short time. 

  • Top-View Ads:

Top-view ads are somewhat similar to brand takeover ads. It will help to expand the exposure of your brand. These ads will autoplay with a time limit of 60 seconds.

  • Branded Hashtag Ads:

Branded hashtags ads are famous and encourage users to do challenges using a specific hashtag. It will be displayed at the top of the user’s discover page.

Leverage TikTok ads to escalate your reach among the audience. Remember to create an ad account to get access to run ads on TikTok. Add informative content to increase sales of your brand. If you do, it will help to achieve success in your business. 

  1. Use Duet 

Duet is a feature of TikTok that allows its users to create videos alongside other audiences’ videos. Either replicate the video or post a reaction to the original video. Try to create a Duet to add the new features of your product to explain to the users. These updates can make the users show interest in purchasing the product. Keep the users know the newly added features and enhance your reach.

Some customers will like your product and post positive reviews from their accounts. Ask the customers to allow to use of the content to build trust among the TikTok users. Use the Duet feature to create a reaction video for the user-generated content. It will surely support you in growing your brand. So, plan and implement this as a strategy to succeed in your business. 

Last Notes 

TikTok is a great platform to sell a product in a short time. Set up a business account and fill in the required information to make the users know more details. Share your product’s usage and impress the users using the different effects available on TikTok medium. It will help to get more views, likes, and comments on the videos. Check the instant likes to know your reach among the audience. Try to leverage TikTokCounter to know your engagement with users and instant likes and views. Go live to clear the user’s doubts about your products.

Run ads and create awareness for your brand to reach the target audience. Choose any format of ads to expand your brand’s exposure on this TikTok medium. Also, use the Duet feature to make the users know the updates of the feature. If you follow all these ideas, it will help to grow your brand. 


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