10 automation projects for beginners and Overview

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For beginners, automation testing can be challenging because you haven’t had time to become comfortable with the procedures. But fear not—this post will cover the crucial tasks you ought to do prior to finishing your online quality assurance course. Alright, let’s get started. 

the web Scraping

Web scraping is one of the best automation projects for you as a beginner in automation testing. One of the routine tasks performed by data scientists and analysts enables them to extract relevant information from websites and online applications. After extraction, the data will be saved locally or on the computer. You must be well-versed in Python in order to complete this task flawlessly. Don’t worry, there are numerous Python libraries that go into great detail about this. Beautiful Soup is a good illustration. It has resources that are useful for the process of HTML scraping. 


Chatbots are used by nearly all businesses nowadays to provide prompt customer service. Frequently, natural language processing is used in their creation. Remarkably, chatbots now provide more services than they did in the past. The fact that Chabot now provides voice responses in addition to texts is a good example. They are written in Python and operate similarly to web scraping. selenium automation testing courses

Robotic Learning 

This is an additional automation project for you to experiment with. In the world of technology, machine learning has grown to be a very broad niche with numerous activities and projects. Python is used in machine learning projects to power the development of models and other educational algorithms. 

automated texts and emails

Did you know that your proficiency with Python and automation testing can always be used to send prearranged, automated texts and emails? Now that you are aware, use it as a practice project to advance your level of expertise in the area. In this manner, you’re progressively developing into an expert by building on your current knowledge. 

However, it’s also a highly effective means of streamlining technical project work and inspiring the team of experts. Automation testing with selenium

updating spreadsheets

You should also work on developing a project to update spreadsheets automatically. Excel spreadsheets are widely used in today’s world to track and store vast amounts of data. Even though this tool is very helpful, you would agree that handling a lot of data manually can be very overwhelming. Because of this, the majority of automation testers favor using programming languages. 

Automating web browsers

Another important automation project that you should complete as soon as possible in your testing career is this one. Web browser automation guarantees that you possess the necessary skills to effortlessly navigate through various web application pages. It should specifically address how to locate checkboxes, frames, file upload widgets, element locators, and other items.

Various programming languages

For your automation testing projects now and in the future, the majority of narratives advise you to concentrate on just one programming language. Because of its simplicity, this is preferred, but it requires more than one language. You should embrace this because it will improve your chances of landing more jobs. 

You must be proficient not only in programming languages but also in a variety of automation tool usage techniques. At first, this might be very challenging, but it’s for the greater good. 

Testing of performance

Even though there are those who contest its applicability, this should be included in your portfolio. Performance testing is a procedure used to verify that web and mobile applications are reliable and error-free by assessing their effectiveness. With this ability, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes on the projects you manage. 

Automated accessibility

In order to improve your chances of getting hired, you should work on this additional project as a beginner. Many people have always had disagreements about accessibility, particularly those who are disabled. In fact, a few of these people even file lawsuits against websites they can’t access. Here is where you can make a good impression by demonstrating your ability to perform accessibility automation. The best thing is that it’s very easy to understand and works in a manner that’s nearly identical to other automation processes. 

Automated mobility

Mobile automation will be the final project we discuss in this post. As a prospective automation tester, you must know this one. In case you’re wondering, they use a lot of my mobile applications on their phones these days. 

In summary

The greatest projects to work on as a novice in the field enrolled in a quality assurance course have been covered in this article. It’s time for you to put what you’ve learned into practice. Wishing you luck.


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