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Why Little Girls Are Passionate About Collecting Barbie Toys

Kids are fond of watching cartoons and are greatly inspired by their unique characters. Barbie and barbie dreamtopia cartoons are the favourites of girls. Little girls are influenced by barbie because she has everything which a girl can wish for. It has a beautiful house, a luxury car, a handsome job and many more. 

If your girl is also a barbie fan and sticks to the screen to watch barbie cartoons, then you should give barbie dreamtopia doll to her to make her playtime enjoyable. Your girls can recreate their favourite cartoon scene with their favourite dreamy character. 

Girls’ Favourite Barbie Toys: 

Girls are passionate about their toys and want to keep the collection up-to-date. They want to have every toy related to their favourite character, barbie. You can buy exciting barbie toys from shops that offer toys online in the UK or from any reputable physical store. Following are some of the most popular barbie toys among kids. 

Barbie Dream House: 

This exciting and fully furnished barbie house can be your girl’s dream. It is the best doll house for barbie lovers and helps enhance kids’ imaginations, and gives a spark to creativity. The Barbie dream house is spacious for a doll with more than 3 feet in length and 4 feet in width.

This dream house has 3 stories and 8 rooms, including a carport and a home office. It has a pool with a slide, a working elevator that fits four dolls or a doll on a wheelchair,  5 pieces of transforming furniture, three light settings, a soundscape, and more than 60 items for the home. 

This playset amazingly develops kids’ interest in essential household chores, and they love to style their rooms. Its moveable furniture lets kids decorate the house according to their wishes for baby and dreamtopia barbie dolls.

Barbie Fast Cast Clinic: 

Barbie dolls and their related accessories always seek kids’ attention, especially girls. The doll is the favourite toy of the girls, and they love to style their dolls according to their fashion sense. Barbie dresses, shoes, make-up etc., have become typical, so let’s surprise your girls with a unique Barbie fast cast clinic playset. This playset will amaze your kids and provide endless entertainment options. This playset includes a brunette doctor barbie doll and four play areas: a medical station, exam table, x-ray machine and a gift shop.

It has 30+ pieces: three dough containers, a leg cast, a Chelsea arm cast, crutches, stickers, x-rays, gift shop items and many more. All these products make the kid’s playtime entertaining and productive.  This barbie clinic playset develops a sense of empathy and love for others; kids feel the pain of others and want to lessen the pain. 

Barbie Career Dolls: 

Barbie dolls always seek girls’ attention because girls love barbie characters and want to have them to play with.  Accessories like clothes, shoes, pets, vehicles etc., make them more appealing for little girls because they are all girls’ weaknesses. This fantastic doll set contains dolls of different professions, a doctor, a pilot, a builder, a rock star, and business women. All the dolls have related accessories and equipment to look professional. 

You can get a single doll for your munchkin’s choice. If your girls love doctors and their white coats and instruments, you can buy a barbie doctor for them. Giving a specific doll to your girl can develop her interest in this profession. Dolls are made of top quality safe material that is safe for kids above 3 years.

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