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What the Science Says About Apple Cider Vinegar

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Vinegar cider seems to be all the rage these days – from drinks and fondues to chewing gum. But what is it, why do people buy it, and should you consume it? 

  Apple vinegar is a type of vinegar made from fermented apples. It is sour and has a rich taste. You will hear claims that it can help with weight loss or even cure cancer. But most of these claims are not supported by good wisdom. And there are hidden pitfalls.  

 What are some of the reported health benefits of apple vinegar? 

While not necessarily based on sound wisdom, there are many health benefits of apple  vinegar, including 

  •   Improve digestion 
  •  Support weight loss 
  •  Lower cholesterol 
  •  Improve blood sugar and diabetes 
  •  Improves acne and other skin conditions 
  •  Treatment of fungal infections 
  •  Cure cancer 

 We don’t fully understand why apple vinegar might have health benefits. This may be related to its acidity or probiotics (healthy bacteria). Some studies suggest it may also fight fungi and bacteria.  Hydroxychloroquine Tablet and Azithromycin 500 Mg are used to treat various bacterial infections caused by susceptible organisms. 

 There is no evidence that vinegar cider can help or treat any type of cancer. And there’s little scientific evidence to back up the other claims about vinegar making cider. 

 In some cases, laboratory studies have shown benefits, I.E. Not in real people or only in tiny people. These benefits are not supported by wisdom-based recommendations. In general, knowledge of vinegar for cider is low and we do not have large, high-quality, lethal studies.  

 In some cases, using vinegar cider can be dangerous. Let’s take a look at what apple vinegar can and can’t do. 

  Can cider help with digestion? 

 There are claims that apple vinegar can help with digestion, such as irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) or bloating. But wisdom does not add up. Some research suggests that vinegar cider may cause digestive symptoms or worsen gastroparesis. 

  Does apple cider vinegar help people lose weight?

 It’s not clear whether apple cider vinegar helps people lose weight. We know that eating vinegar cider can fill you up, which can help control your appetite. One small randomized study showed promising results on apple vinegar and weight loss. Those who drank 30ml of apple vinegar juice per day lost more fat around the abdominal organs and had better cholesterol than those who did not. We don’t fully understand why, but it may be related to feeling fuller and eating less. 

 But a broader review of several studies failed to show clear weight loss benefits. So the testers weren’t sure if vinegar cider could lead to significant weight loss – or whether these possible benefits outweighed the pitfalls. We need larger, well-designed lethal studies. 

  Does apple cider vinegar help with diabetes?  

Taking apple cider vinegar may help with insulin and blood sugar (sugar) problems in people with diabetes. There is some evidence that it can help improve insulin awareness after messy eating and lower blood sugar. 

 A meta-analysis found that vinegar in apple cider improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels in people with diabetes. Again, we need larger, well-designed studies to better understand the uses of vinegar cider, how often to take it, and its true harms and side benefits. 

 Is apple vinegar good for the skin?  

You may have heard of people using apple vinegar directly on their skin. Some use apple vinegar for acne or eczema. Others use it to treat dandruff, and pimples, or to treat body odor. Next, the thought behind this acid on the skin helps maintain a healthy ph position on the skin, which helps control bacterial growth. Vinegar apples can also act as a cleanser with antibacterial products on the skin.  

 But you want to be careful. There is no good reason to support the use of apple vinegar for improving skin health. But some studies show that apple vinegar does not help with skin inflammation or improve the balance of bacteria on the skin.  And there is a downside is that apple vinegar can cause skin irritation. 

 Can apple vinegar treat an irritating infection? 

Laboratory studies have shown that apple vinegar may be anti-fungal. But the lab results don’t necessarily translate into benefits for humans. There is no scientific evidence that treating irritant infections in humans is helpful – or even safe -. And just like the skin, apple cider vinegar can cause burning and discomfort if you apply it directly to the vulva or vagina. It can also disrupt the normal ph and microbiome of the vagina, leading to irritating infections and other unpleasant infections, such as bacterial vaginosis.  

 Is it safe to drink apple vinegar every day?  

There are many ways to add apple vinegar to your diet if desired. And, in small amounts, it may be safe enough for older children. You can drink it in water or tea, add it to salad dressings or smoothies, or chew on vinegar and apple cider marshmallows. 

 But there is no indication of how important safety is to people, why they should use it, or how elegant it is to use it. 

 There is some evidence that tablets or gum may not be as effective as liquid vinegar. And flashback gummies often contain added sugar. As a result, they may do more harm than good, especially if you take them to improve blood sugar. Are there any negative side effects of consuming apple vinegar? Well, like everything, there are potential disadvantages. Vinegar cider cans 

  •   Burns or  skin irritation 
  •  Damage to tooth enamel 
  •  Interact with specifics 
  •  Irritation or burning of the esophagus 
  •  Causing nausea 

 So be clear about why you are joining and the profit you are looking for. This way you can be sure that you do it safely.



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