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Unlock Your True Hair Potential with PRP Therapy for Fuller, Healthier Hair

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There is no doubt that the hair loss problem is quite upsetting for any person. But there is no reason to worry any more because the efforts of medical science people are now capable of regrowing their hair with the help of PRP treatment in Vizag. PRP is one such option available which can help you get back your confidence and hair. 

What is PRP Hair Treatment: 

Platelet Rich Plasma often referred to as PRP. It is a non surgical technique for the regrowth of hair. It also supports the strengthening of the existing hair follicles. A tiny amount of blood is taken from the patients which is used for extracting the significant amount of platelets from it. Because blood platelets contain the growth factors which are capable of stimulating the hair follicles’ growth. 

How Does PRP Work: 

Blood flow to the hair follicles are boosted with the help of PRP injection. The PRP growth factors activate the dormant follicles which is very helpful for hair growth. Additionally it supports the existing low healthy hair and stops the hair loss. 

PRP Hair Treatment Benefits: 

  • Non Invasive: PRP hair treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t include any cuts and surgery. 
  • Natural: Patients own blood is used in that procedure since there is no chance of any allergic response after treatment. 
  • Effective: A dedicated research about the effectiveness of PRP shows that it has increased the thickness and density of hair. 
  • Simple Process: PRP procedures are done under an hour and because of not any complex surgical interventions. 
  • MInimal Downtime: You do not need to restrict your daily life routine, you can resume your daily life activities right away. 
  • Safe: PRP is regarded as an extremely safe procedure if carried out by or under the supervision of a professional. 
  • Long Lasting Results: The effects of PRP can be maintained with the routine maintenance sessions. 

Ideal Candidate for PRP Treatment: 

The following listed conditions can be better treated with the help of PRP treatment: 

  • Hair Loss in Early Phase.
  • Thinning of hair.
  • Hereditary hair loss due to Androgens. 
  • Medical conditions like (Alopecia Areata)

These are the top most conditions which can be effectively treated by the PRP therapy. 

PRP Session— What to Expect: 

The first thing you do is to talk with a medical professional who is an expert in PRP treatment. Doctor will evaluate your condition and verify you for the PRP treatment. A tiny amount of blood is drawn about 10 to 20 ml. Blood is then processed in an isolated machine where platelets are separated from other blood elements. Anaesthesia can be used in this process to minimise the pain in your scalp during the PRP treatment. 

At last the injection filled with the concentrated PRP solutions will be injected in your scalp. And recovery is as fast as you can imagine just right after the treatment you are free to do your daily life activities. 


No doubt that PRP hair treatment is a non-invasive and efficient treatment for hair growth. This therapy has given hope to the people who think that hair loss treatment is a painful procedure. PRP treatment is useful for a wide spectrum of people so if you are an appropriate candidate for it then seek PRP treatment & Hair transplant in Pune.


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