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Understanding Hoarding Disorder and the Importance

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Is hoarding a mental illness, or does it get triggered?

Who doesn’t remember the infamous shortage of toilet paper during Covid-19? The supermarket aisle signage proclaiming “only one pack of toilet paper per customer or purchase” still brings back memories. But, was it only an indication of a failure in the supply chain of toilet paper – no. Instead, it was a mark of an unprecedented event that jilted lives across the US and gave rise to hoarding tendencies worldwide.

Before we dive into the discussion of hoarders cleaning services – it is important to note that hoarding goes way past a stuffed-to-the-brim attic or multiple boxes of rusty tools. Most people touch the hoarding disorder stage when they fail to distinguish between busy clutter and an addictive accumulation of hoard.

Understanding Hoarders Cleaning Services – Types of Hoarding

Compulsive cluttering can manifest in various types of hoarding behaviors, including:

Hoarding of Food Items

While it’s normal for people to keep some extra food in case of emergencies, some individuals are predisposed to hoarding and experience strong compulsions for stockpiling food. In addition, it’s important to note that those struggling with food hoarding often have a history of trauma related to fears of insufficient food.

Such individuals may accumulate excessive food, posing a health hazard and affecting their quality of life.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a prevalent issue where hoarders tend to keep many animals or pets in their homes, disregarding the restrictions and limits imposed on the number of animals allowed in a condo, home, or apartment. As a result, the well-being and safety of these animals are compromised due to the lack of proper care and malnourishment.

Additionally, the homes of animal hoarders are often cluttered, posing significant health hazards associated with germs, bacteria, and animal waste.

Junk or Trash Hoarding

When someone has difficulty getting rid of waste, garbage, or trash, they may be classified as a garbage or trash hoarder. They may search through other people’s trash in search of items that they perceive to be valuable. This inability to distinguish between useful objects and hazardous waste can be worrying.


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