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Top Indian schools in Dubai and the fees Dubai Indian schools charge

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When it comes to Dubai international school, the Indian schools are definitely part of the list. That is mainly due to the fact that the Indian expat community is the largest in Dubai and there are, therefore, a lot of top Indian schools there that cater to the educational requirements of their children. That apart, Indian schools have a stellar reputation for being amongst the best anywhere. As regards the fees that these Dubai Indian schools charge, these vary from school to school. Let’s get a lowdown on that-

Top Indian schools in Dubai and their fee structures

1. Global Indian International School

This is amongst the best known of Dubai international school. Run by the globally renowned change of GIIS schools, this school boasts of world class infrastructure and extremely well regarded teachers. It offers the students the well known Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula. The school takes in students from the pre primary level to the higher secondary level.  As regards the Dubai Indian School fees, they charge AED 34,824 for Grade 12. On the other end of the spectrum, it is AED 16500 for pre kg students.

2. The Indian Academy Dubai

This is one of the best known CBSE schools in Dubai, quite well known for the sterling quality of its education. They have excellent facilities and amenities available for the students to use, empowering them to grow and develop in the best possible manner. As regards, the fees charged by the school, these vary from AED 9330 for pre kg to AED 18650 for grade 12.

3. Springdales School Dubai

Springdales School Dubai was set up by the same people who run the famous Springdales School in New Delhi and have the same sterling reputation amongst the Indian community residing in Dubai. This is a CBSE school par excellence and accepts students from the pre primary to the high school level. The annual fees charged by them at the pre kg level is AED 14111 and for grade 12 is AED 32000.


Dubai with its very large Indian population, is a great place for an expat Indian child to go to school, because it is so much like India in so many ways. Yet, it provides them with an international atmosphere that is extremely conducive to their growth and development. As far as the Dubai indian school fees charged by these schools is concerned, it depends upon the pedigree of the school in question, the kind of facilities and amenities it offers as well as the policies followed by the school in question in this regard. All in all the fees charged are quite reasonable, considering that these are international schools providing the best in terms of pedagogy and infrastructure.

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At the end of the day it is the parents decisions as to which school they would want to send their child to. Most Indian parents in Dubai, just as most parents anywhere would only want the best for their children and would like to send their child to the school they think suits their child or children the best, the free notwithstanding.



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