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Top 5 Rack Servers That Ensure Smooth Business Operations

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A rack server is a small rectangular structure that can be quickly jolted into a rack mount. The rack mount can smoothly fit several rack servers, allowing it to fit small sets. It has all the components of a tower server in a more compact space. 

With rack servers, you get convenience, cooling, enough power, etc. Due to the availability of multiple models on the market, sometimes users get into a dilemma. 

Here are the top 5 rack servers that guarantee smooth business operations.

ThinkSystem SR550 Rack Server:

The ThinkSystem SR550 balances performance and capacity in a 2U form factor. This model offers room for cost efficiency and allows you to meet both workloads and the enterprise’s budgetary needs.

Due to the second-gen Intel Xeon processor, you experience 36% more performance than the previous generations. 

The ThinkSystem servers are standardized, simplified, and automated for foundational server management tasks. Thanks to Lenovo XClarity Administrator, a virtualized application for centrally managing servers, storage, and networking capabilities.

With the help of rack servers, you can reduce manual provisioning by up to 95%. This allows you to streamline navigation, IT management, speed provisioning, seamless integration, etc.

Key Features:

  • It offers 2nd  second-generation Intel Xeon Platinum processors, up to 125W, that can offer you next-gen speed.
  • With a memory capacity of Up to 768GB in 12x slots, 64GB DIMMs, 2666MHz / 2933MHz TruDDR4, you can easily perform heavy-duty tasks.

ThinkSystem DE240S 2U24 SFF Expansion Enclosure:

ThinkSystem DE series can simultaneously fulfill your growing storage capacity and performance needs. This server can meet heavy workload requirements with performance-optimized capacity. Typically, it offers 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch SSDs and HDDs featuring 12 GB of SAS connectivity.

With more drive expansion and enclosure series, this server can respond to the growing demands of current IT workloads.

Key Features:

  • It has a form factor of 2U, 24 SFF drive bays (2U24).
  • With the capacity of expansion ports (8 x 12Gb SAS), you can perform resource-intensive tasks easily.

ThinkSystem SR650 V2 Rack Server:

Lenovo provides room for engineered, tested, and certified IT solutions that are high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective. By combining industrial-leading x86 servers, it provides world-class performance and best-in-class innovation.

You can make your business operations smarter with ThinkSytem SR650 servers, as they provide room for data analytics, hybrid cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure, video surveillance, high-performance computing, etc.

This server is tuned with Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series, providing room for superfast performance. In this system, data gets stored close to the processor, enabling faster access and swift data transfer as per real-time analytics.

Key Features:

  • Due to 1xIntel Xeon Silver 4309Y 8C 2.8GHz 105W, you can greatly experience super-fast processing speed.
  • This server consists of a memory capacity of 32GB/12TB/TruDDR4 that lets you never lag at work.
  • The processor supports the 3.5″ SATA/SAS/NVMe hard disk drive or 2.5″ SATA/SAS/NVMe.

ThinkSystem DE2000H 2U24 SFF Hybrid Flash Array:

The ThinkSystem DE Series Hybrid Flash Array comes with adaptive caching algorithms. This model is engineered to handle heavy workloads ranging from high-IOPS to bandwidth-intensive streaming applications.

These systems are targeted for backup considerations and recovery of high-performance computing like Big Data/ and virtualization. This server is specially designed to deliver  99.9999% availability via fully redundant I/O paths, advanced data protection functionalities, and extensive diagnostic capabilities.

It’s also highly secure, with robust data security that helps protect overall business assets. Scaling also becomes easy with the modular design of ThinkSystem DE servers and their simple management tools. You can start working on your system in less than 10 minutes.

With extensive configuration flexibility, custom performance tuning, and complete control over data placement. Administrators can maximize their performance. Multiple viewpoints offered by graphical management tools supply the key to information and storage.

Key Features:

  • It offers 2U, 24 SFF drive bays (2U24).
  • The model offers a system memory capacity of 16GB.

ThinkSystem SR850 V2 Mission-Critical Server:

With this model, you can easily dispatch standard workloads like general business applications and server consolidation. ThinkSystem accumulates in a high-growth area of the organization.

Key Features:

  • It offers a 2xV2 Gold 5318H 18C 2.5GHz 150W processor that can smoothly handle multi-tasking activities.
  • This provides you with 32GB/18TB/TruDDR4 memory, making your device easy to process.
  • The model has a 24.75MB processor cache.


Investing in the right rack server is paramount for businesses seeking efficiency and scalability. The top 5 rack servers listed here offer robust performance, reliability, and scalability, making them essential tools for optimizing business operations, whether you require high processing power, extensive storage, or seamless virtualization. 


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