Top 5 Freshdesk Alternatives for Your Service Business in 2024

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Freshdesk is likely a name you’re familiar with if you’re in the market for help desk software, or perhaps you’re already using it. But if you are reading this blog, that means you are looking for some Freshdesk alternatives. And we are here to help!

Doesn’t Freshdesk have a comprehensive set of features that empower customer support teams with omnichannel bots and self-service customer service solutions?

Yes, but that does not mean it is suitable for all customer support teams. However, not all customer support teams operate in the same manner. Therefore, even a powerful cloud-based customer support tool such as Freshdesk is not suitable for all businesses.

There are a number of reasons that made Freshdesk a popular customer support tool in the field service industry. Among all of them, Freshdesk pricing is perhaps the most obvious reason. Freshdesk offers a free-forever plan, making it great for companies with smaller budgets.

When it comes to field service management Freshdesk is, without a doubt, a useful tool for some businesses, but not all. Despite the lucrative deal, it could be rather hindering for some organizations. Although the app’s extensive list of features may sound like a good thing, it is one of the primary issues with Freshdesk. The majority of field teams only utilize a few specific features; the rest is unnecessary. So, if you are looking for something simpler and easy to use, Freshdesk is definitely not the right choice for you. 

Furthermore, the user interface and functionality in Freshdesk are not as intuitive as many of Freshdesk competitors, and setting up your entire customer support team can take weeks.

The biggest issue with Freshdesk, however, is its integration features. Customer support platforms that are integrated with tools like QuickBooks offer an incredibly valuable live data connection that provides your support agents with a current view of the customer. Agents can see information such as whether a client’s contract is up for renewal shortly. In Freshdesk, however, the integration support is somewhat limited.

Overall, Freshdesk could pose some unnecessary challenges for service companies. Even if it works alright for you, there are better options that could fit your needs better. Whatever the case, you might not be aware of how Freshdesk alternatives compare. Read on to find out.

1. Field Promax


Field Promax is the best option if you want to fulfill all of your automation requirements with a single digital solution. It is currently one of the most popular web-based FSM software solutions, and with good reason. 

Field Promax is intended to be the most effective web-based FSM platform with an abundance of fascinating features, such as a comprehensive work order management suitescheduling and dispatchingestimating, a comprehensive dashboard, multiple calendar views, availability indicators, color-coded schedules, digital signature support, alerts and notifications, repeat job order management, job tracking, file storage, image and file sharing, remote data access, reports and analytics.

As an efficient cloud-based software system, Field Promax enables access to all of its features without the need for installation. It is also mobile-optimized and accessible on both iOS and Android. In addition, it provides an integrated mobile application for your field technicians. Using its advanced GPS and cloud technology, they can access customer data, share job updates, and submit timesheets from anywhere.

What makes Field Promax  one of the best Freshdesk alternatives is the fact that it is remarkably simple to use. Unlike Freshdesk, it has a nearly zero learning curve and can operate on any system or device. In addition, you receive around-the-clock customer support for the entire duration of your user experience, whether for onboarding or troubleshooting.

Furthermore, Field Promax offers one of the best QuickBooks integrations available today. It allows a seamless two-way sync, which enables you to use the same database for a variety of tasks, including work order management, invoicing, customer service, reporting, and analytics.

What’s more, Field Promax offers a 14-day free trial plan with unrestricted access to all its features, and further, a wide range of pricing options to suit any business structure and budget. 

Isn’t it even better than the free Freshdesk plan?

2. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro schedule

The next software solution on our list is Housecall Pro. It is renowned for its user-friendly mobile application for field technicians. In addition, it is an excellent option for automating scheduling and dispatching, as well as managing work orders. It is an effective service-based business solution that enables service organizations to abandon paper-based procedures in favor of digital automation.

In addition to the standard FSM features and capabilities, Housecall Pro also provides a full range of features assisting with work order management, online booking, follow-up marketing, advanced reporting, strategic account management, and of course, a robust QuickBooks integration.

3. ProProfs


ProProfs is one of the most popular alternatives to Freshdesk when it comes to businesses with a smaller budget. It’s a fantastic option for mid-sized businesses, and it’s packed with features to assist your team members with all kinds of support issues.

ProProfs comes with all the expected features and a clean, easy-to-read interface, including routing, SLA management, internal notes and chats, multichannel support, an iOS and Android mobile app for agents, and many more.

Even if you have multiple employees, ProProfs can help you streamline your customer support service at an affordable price.

4. DragApp

Management of service operations is important in a business organization because it helps

effectively manage, control, and supervise goods, services, and people. Operations management for services has the responsibility for producing the services of an organization and providing them directly to its customers. It focuses on the decisions that operations managers have to make when making and using an intangible product at the same time. Below are pointers that would explain the importance of service operation management.

5. How Have Service Operation Management Strategies Changed Field Service?


osTicket is another well-equipped alternative that is ranked among the top Freshdesk competitors. The software provides comprehensive customer support that is user-friendly, dependable, and scalable as your business expands. osTicket enables customer support teams to communicate with clients and customers at any time, from any location, and via any channel. 

osTicket stores all customer interactions in a single location, enabling you to create a productive and streamlined workflow. Besides, it is known for its robust customization capabilities, automated help desk, comprehensive dashboard reports, configurable automatic reply, and most importantly, the reliable customer platform.

Final Words


Freshdesk is a great option for your business, particularly if you want to grow your team into a full-fledged call center.

Nevertheless, you may wish to maintain your business online with live conversation, email, and social media. Regardless of the situation, locating the optimal solution requires determining what your organization’s requirements are and which tools will help you address them most effectively. Most of the providers on this list offer either a free plan or a free trial, allowing you to evaluate your options to determine the optimal solution.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution if you are searching for the most appropriate software platform to meet your specific requirements. The tool that provides precisely the features they need at an affordable price could be the best match for your customer support team. And chances are, you will find that in Field Promax.

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