Threads: The Next Big Thing in Social Media Marketing?

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Social media constantly evolves with new formats and features that change how users engage, and marketers advertise. The latest buzz in the social space is around “Threads,” a relatively new format popularized most prominently by platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

But what exactly are Threads? And do they have the potential to become a significant new component of social media marketing strategies for companies like Willan Technologies?

What Are Threads?

Threads are a series of connected posts on social media that allow longer-form storytelling. Rather than being limited to 240 characters or a single image, Threads let users string multiple tweets or Instagram posts together under one unified narrative.

On Twitter, Threads are created by replying to your tweet to add additional content. On Instagram, the same can be done by commenting on your post.

This creates a cohesive sequence of related content. Some benefits of Threads include:

  • Overcoming individual post-character limits
  • Organizing multi-part stories in one place
  • Adding more context and depth to thoughts
  • Improving content presentation
  • Driving continued engagement as users interact with each part of a Thread

Threads allow in-depth storytelling similar to blogs but natively within popular social platforms.

Marketing Potential of Threads

For digital marketing agencies like Willan Technologies, Threads offer new creative avenues to connect with audiences:

Expanded Brand Storytelling

Rather than isolated posts, Threads help share an ongoing brand narrative across multiple creative assets and copy.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Give insider looks at products, office culture, events, etc, through extended Threads.

Thought Leadership

Share helpful advice and expertise via threaded long-form content.

Community Conversations

Start thought-provoking discussions by posing questions in Threads.

Product Launches

Build suspense and engagement leading up to launches with threaded teasers.


Spotlight satisfied customers through quotes threaded into a single testimonial narrative.


In a threaded media kit, share product images, logos, bios, etc.

So Why Haven’t Threads Caught On?

While Threads hold potential for marketers like Willan Technologies, they come with some challenges:

  • Difficult to produce consistently, requiring advanced planning and content brainstorming.
  • Users need help to recap or jump between parts of a lengthy Thread.
  • Interruptions from unrelated comments posted on individual components.
  • Not a content format that users are very familiar with yet.
  • Instagram Threads get broken if any part is deleted or expires.
  • Analytics is lacking to quantify Thread performance versus regular posts.

The fragmented nature of Threads also means lower visibility, reach, and engagement per part compared to standard posts.

Tips to Utilize Threads Successfully

For digital marketing agencies like Willan Technologies wanting to experiment with Threads as part of their social strategies, here are some tips:

  • Plan extended narratives in advance for a cohesive story arc over multiple posts.
  • Link to previous posts in a Thread to help users follow along.
  • Number parts sequentially for easy consumption, like “Thread 1/4:…”
  • Analyze key performance indicators manually by adding up metrics for each part.
  • Promote initial posts of Threads heavily to maximize the visibility of the whole narrative.
  • Monitor comments closely to engage users and respond to all features.
  • Test both short “micro-Threads” of a few posts and longer episodic storytelling.

The Future of Threads

While some platforms like Twitter are doubling down on the format, the jury is still determining whether Threads will gain mass adoption among regular users. But for digital marketing agencies like Willan Technologies, experimenting with Threads in bite-sized doses is worthwhile to determine if they drive enough added value.

Evaluate performance about objectives like storytelling, thought leadership, and engagement. See if Threads warrant being a more significant component of your social marketing mix.

And as with any new format, be prepared to adapt strategies quickly as social platforms continue enhancing features impacting Threads. Will they become a social media marketing staple or perish from lack of user adoption? The next few years will reveal their true staying power.

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