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Redfall: 8 Best Optional Quests In The Game

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These are the best side quests to do in Redfall if you want to do something else.

Redfall is a simple game, and there was really only one thing about it that was interesting. It was, in fact, the world that Arkane Studios was making. What’s not interesting about a beach town taken over by vampires, cultists, and private armies? Well, the world wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be, but there are some interesting side stories here that might surprise you.

There are many different types of side jobs you can do in Redfall. They can be as simple as “go get this” or as complicated as a whole story. During the game, you’ll come across some interesting ones. Here are some of the best side quests in Redfall.

The Eclipse

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A strange quest is The Eclipse. It doesn’t have as much story as some side quests, but it’s more fun to do. You can find it by going south of the Maritime Centre to the garage. It’s locked, so to open it you’ll need a key from inside the house or a Rewire Kit. This quest has a small amount of story and focuses on building the world. You are told to go to different places until some tough vampires catch you by surprise.

The fight with the Aspect of the Eclipse won’t be hard, just like every other fight in Redfall. You can attack without too much risk if you have a Medusa or a box to hide behind. The people who go with her might be more of a task, which can be a lot of fun.

The Red Candle

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The Red Candle is a scary quest in which you have to find and use a mystery candle to lure out a powerful vampire named The Voice in the Trees. This is a unique quest with a lot of world building and story.

You start this quest by reading the note titled “Stay Away From the Orchard” in the Briefing Room. The quest will then take you through many stages where you must find the light and then use it to get the sneaky vampire to come out. The fight with The Voice in the Trees isn’t too hard, and you should be able to get rid of him quickly and easily. The reward is a normal 800 XP, and once you’re done, you can loot the Vampire’s body.

Dr Young’s Projects

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One of the longest side quests in Redfall, Dr. Young’s Projects requires you to go to different places and kill different targets. After finishing a few main missions and Birdwatchers, you can talk to Nurse Tran to start Dr. Young’s Projects. You will learn about the background of Tran’s old job and the experiments they did.

After a short tour of Dr. Young’s office, you’ll need to kill three people : Royce Ellery, Thomas Sands, and Matthias Bollinger. Obviously, the last target will be dead when you get there, giving you a key and a new chance to get some good stuff. In addition to the usual 800 XP, more side quests become available.

The Abducted Brother

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When Joe’s brother goes missing, it’s up to you to find him, since Joe can’t. After you finish the main quest “Giving You Tomorrow,” you can start the side quest “Abducted Brother.” To get it, go to Joe and talk to him. The quest sends you to Sedgewick, in the direction of a new map point.

This quest gives you a good chance to explore, fight, and even solve some puzzles. Not only that, but this is one of the few side tasks that is actually fun. You can also try different ways to play. For example, as Jacob, you can hide and sneak away from the followers to avoid them all. In addition to the usual 800 XP, this side quest gives you an achievement and a Four-Alarm Fighters Backpack, which is a pretty good deal for a Redfall side task.

Carpe Noctem

image 58

Carpe Noctem is a great way to get started with Redfall’s side quests, and it’s also one of the best side quests in the game. It lets you travel the world of the game, learn how to fix up safehouses, and even fight a Vampire Underboss.

The quest will find you. Eva will call you and tell you everything you need to know. After that, fighting cultists and vampires with guns and parkouring until you turn on the generator and fix the safehouse are both a lot of fun. Then, you can fight Weeping Tammy, a vampire underboss, to finish the quest and get your 800 XP prize.

Whisky And Cigars

image 59

Whisky and Cigars is an interesting side quest that makes Penalty Kick Online feel more real and helps us get to know Reverend Eva better. It’s a simple task, like a good old-fashioned fetch quest, but it has a lot to do with the story. Reverend Eva has a terrible case of withdrawal, and she needs to get back to her vices.

So, all you have to do is go to Eva’s flat, get the whisky and smokes and bring them back to the firehouse. This quest gives Eva’s character more depth by showing us her bad habits and how she deals with living in this scary post-apocalyptic world. There are no complicated or over-the-top action scenes. It’s just a simple fetch quest about a girl getting back into her drinking routine.

Taking Back The Airwaves

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This is another side quest involving Reverend Eva. You can start it when you find Reverend Eva’s Safehouse letter in the Heritage Rock safehouse. In the quest, you have to find Bill’s recording of Vampire Survival Tips and then play it on the radio.

Before going to Dead Catch Records in Basswood, you have to go to Bill’s house, pick the lock, get in, and find the recording. There, you can either avoid or join the Vampires vs. Bellwether fight going on inside the building in order to find the Studio Key. Once that is done, just play the clip for everyone to hear on the waves. This quest is a lot of fun because you have to look for things on your own, you can choose to fight right away, and the whole thing is very Arkane.

Intermission Snack

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Intermission Snack gives you a simple job that is both fun and easy to do. In a game like this, it’s nice to know that you’ll be fixing a popcorn machine instead of fighting off hordes of vampires and evil cults. In addition to the normal XP points, this quest gives you a Four-Alarm Fighters Helmet, which is always a nice gift.

Once you finish the main quest Two Birds, One Stone, you can read a note on the popcorn machine in the basement of the firehouse to start the next task. When you reach the Overtone Theatre, there is also a lot going on in this quest. You get to fight a Lumiere Vampire and find collectibles called Grave Locks, which is the cherry on top. When you finish the quest, you get some much-needed popcorn love after all the hard work you did as a hero.


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