How to Possibly Outlook for Mac to Windows migration in 2023?

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You can learn how to export Mac Outlook mail to Windows Outlook in this post. From this page, users will learn everything there is to know about Outlook files, including Mac and Windows versions. We will also learn about the automatic email syncing program for Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook. Before we begin the tutorial, we will learn about the variations between Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows.

Outlook Differences Between Mac and Windows

Outlook for Mac and Windows varies primarily in two ways:-

Windows Outlook generates a PST file, whereas Mac makes an OLM file.

While Microsoft doesn’t require a tool to export emails from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows, if you want to transfer emails from Outlook Mac to Outlook for Windows, you must convert Mac Outlook files into Windows Outlook files format. Otherwise, you won’t be able to retrieve your old email messages.

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Detailed Introduction

When a user uses a Mac Outlook, the application creates an OLM file on the local computer. In contrast to a PST file (Personal Storage Table), which is a Windows Outlook data file, it often contains a collection of emails, messages, data, journals, etc. It contains mail POP3, IMAP, appointments, and other data.

Why Would You Export Email from Mac Outlook To Windows Outlook?

Below are a few justifications for transferring contacts and emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook:

  • Various computer upgrades or versions.
  • Working simultaneously on one or more computers.
  • Alteration to an organization.
  • Use a separate computer to access email.
  • Export Email Manually from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows

It is a short-term solution for moving Outlook email from a Mac to a Windows computer. You ought to be knowledgeable about this approach. The procedures listed below can be used to transfer emails from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows:-

Technique 1: Using Mac Outlook to Export OLM Files

  • Open Outlook for Mac and log in first. Next, select the File option from the menu bar and scroll down to find the Export option.
  • Users can then select the Export option to bring up a dialogue box in front of the screen. Choosing the right arrow on the same screen after selecting each necessary item.
  • You can now choose “No, do not delete items” if you want to keep the exported Outlook Mail for Mac items after the archiving process.
  • The archive. olm file should then be saved with the name of your choosing in the Export to Archive File (.olm) dialogue box. Allow consumers to store these email messages in a specific location for storage. To save, click the Save button.
  • Finally, press the Finish button after Outlook mail for Mac has finished transmitting data.

Technique 2: Integrate Gmail with Mac Outlook

  • Open Mac Outlook once more and choose the settings button.
  • Choose the Accounts option from the personal settings section of the preferences window.
  • then click the plus (plus) sign in the section below from the left corner.
  • Select a certain email from the drop-down menu.
  • Last but not least, click on Your Gmail Account Detail and then Add an Account.

Technique 3: To your Gmail account, transfer the OLM files.

  • Right-click the Gmail that has just been added to your Gmail account and choose New Folder.
  • After typing the folder name, select File >> Import.
  • Right-click the objects in the selected folder and choose Move >> Select Folder to continue.
  • Search the Gmail folder next, then select Copy.
  • Finally, the information from your OLM file will be uploaded to the new Gmail folder.

Technique 4: Integrate your existing Gmail account with Windows Outlook

  • Open your Windows Outlook Application and set up an identical Gmail account as those who have MS Outlook for Mac.
  • Users will simply be able to view their OLM emails in Outlook for Windows after setting up their Gmail account with Windows Outlook.
  • Using a USB flash drive, users can now export contacts and emails from Outlook for OLM to Outlook for Windows once they have the exported. Olm archived email messages.
  • Problems with Manual Methods
  • Users can omit some phases because the procedure is lengthy.
  • Only email data from OLM files is exported to Windows Outlook.
  • Because the file might become destroyed when exporting or importing, the user could lose their data.

How to Export Email without Error from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

The TrustVare OLM Converter Application has many sophisticated capabilities but is also quite easy to use. OLM files can also be imported with this utility into Windows Outlook. The benefits of selecting this tool include the following:

  • From Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows, contacts are export.
  • Mac Outlook Archive to Email folders can be converted to Windows Outlook files.
  • The user has immediate access to every email preview.
  • You can export Mac Outlook files into more than various different file formats.
  • Able to work with every variation of Windows Outlook.

Steps to use the OLM Converter Software:-

  • Download and Install the software.
  • Run the tool and select the OLM file or folder that you want to convert
  • Preview before the filter file.
  • You can filter OLM files by, emails, attachments, contacts, journals, notes, etc.
  • Choose the PST format.
  • Select any particular location to save the PST file.
  • After all steps click on the “Convert Now” button and start converting OLM files to Outlook PST file format.


You can export mail from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook with the assistance of this article, which also gives you a straightforward method for doing so. In this essay, we covered various strategies for transferring emails and contacts from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. The error-free approach has no such restrictions, in addition to being simple to use and without any potential for data loss, while the manual methods do have certain drawbacks.

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