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List Of 8 Best Mods For Fallout 76

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These mods will change the way you play Fallout 76.

Even though Fallout 76 had a very rough start, patches and downloadable material have helped this open-world multiplayer RPG get better and better over time. In addition to these changes from the developers, the Fallout 76 community has made a lot of mods to improve the game’s graphics, sound, and gameplay.

Since Fallout 76 is a live-service game, the makers have made it clear that you can’t add mods that make your character better or give them weapons that are too strong. So, with that said, here are some useful mods that won’t break any rules but will make your experience better.

Glowing Items

image 26
  • Creator: Bwins95

If you like to look for treasure in every corner of a cave, the Glowing Items mod is for you. This mod does exactly what you’d expect it to do: it makes all lootable things in the game glow in a neon colour you choose.

If you choose to edit the mod files, you can also change the mod in some nice ways. You can put things of the same type together and give them different colours. This lets you quickly look at loot and decide if you want to pick it up or not.

High Detailed Map Plus

image 27
  • Creator: Ultimist

Even though the original map in Fallout 76 is useful, some of the icons are too small to see at a glance, and some areas are so dark that the places of interest can’t be seen at all. With Ultimist’s High Detailed Map Plus mod, the map is changed to make it easier to read.

In particular, this map changes all the symbols that show the different roads and motorways around the world. Also, the darker parts of the map have been redone to make it easier to see any icons that are there.

Optimum Reshade

image 28
  • Creator: Yaddok

If you’ve ever wished that Fallout 76’s world looked a little more like a post-apocalyptic setting, the Optimum Reshade mod is the right choice for you. This mod, which was made by Yaddok, focuses on changing how the world looks.

Since Fallout 76 isn’t the most beautiful game to look at, this mod dulls the colours to make the world look more post-apocalyptic. Also, the mod gets rid of blurring effects so that everything on the map looks better and sharper.

High Resolution Texture Pack

image 29
  • Creator: Wessberg

Wessberg’s High Resolution Texture Pack is another mod that makes the game look better, just like the Optimum Reshade. The last mod worked on making the world look better, but this one works on making the textures of the game’s items better.

This mod, in particular, uses textures from flashbacks and DLC and combines them with the game’s original images to make things look better. If your hard drive has enough room, you can download this mod to make everything in your game look better.

Appalachian Warfare

image 30
  • Creator: Eversee

Even though the Appalachian Warfare mod might not be the most exciting change to the game, it works very hard to make all of the guns sound more real and interesting. This mod, which was made by Eversee, replaces the original sounds of the guns in Fallout 76 with totally new ones.

This mod not only changes how guns work, but also how some fighting weapons, like the Blade Ripper, which is made out of a chainsaw, sound. Lastly, this mod also makes the sounds of explosions better by making them bigger and more ear-ringing. This makes the bombs feel more real.

Better Inventory

image 31
  • Creator: Registrator2000

This must-have mod, made by Registrator2000, makes the store system in Fallout 76 a lot less annoying. In the original game, your character can only carry a certain number of supplies before they slow down. Even though this mod doesn’t change anything about how the game works, Better Inventory lets you group things in your inventory together and see which groups add the most weight.

In addition to these features, the mod tries to make it easier to find healing things in your inventory. Even though there is already a tab for all medical items in the game, this mod lets you filter the medical area to only show food and water so you can stay healthy and hydrated in the wasteland.

Perk Loadout Manager

image 32
  • Creator: Keretus

Keretus’ Perk Loadout Manager is another mod that makes features in the game much better. In Fallout 76, you can spend money on a lot of different perks and skills to change how you play Tunnel Rush game. As an example, you could spend a lot of time becoming very charismatic, which would help you to talk your way out of fights.

You can’t recycle your points with the Perk Loadout Manager, but you can switch your perk cards with the click of a button. This mod, in particular, lets you make up to 12 different sets of cards, or powers, that you can switch between whenever you want to change your skills on the fly.

Text Chat

image 33
  • Creator: Liyalai

People like Fallout 76 because it’s like the original Fallout, but it also lets you play with other people. But Fallout 76’s world is so big that it may be hard to talk to other players who are far away.

This problem is fixed by the Text Chat mod by Liyalai, which adds a chat that everyone on the server can use as long as they have the mod loaded. Now, you can talk to anyone on the map to start trades or meet new people, which makes this online game even more fun.


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