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MLM software plays a vital role in simplifying the management of member networks and compensation distribution within MLM business structures. We are a premium PHP MLM software development company located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our skilled MLM software developers offer a comprehensive range of MLM software solutions that encompass various compensation plans to cater to your specific business requirements. These plans include Binary Plans, Unilevel Plans, Matrix Plans, Generation Plans, Board Plans, Hybrid Plans, Re-purchase Plans, MLM Investment Plans, Differential Plans, Single Leg MLM Plans, Crowdfunding, and Spillover Binary MLM Plans. Each plan is carefully designed with unique features and benefits, and we provide endless customization options to align with your specific marketing strategies.

Some of our key readymade MLM products:

  1. Binary MLM: Known for its simplicity, Binary MLM operates on the principle of having each member recruit and sponsor two downline members, forming a binary tree structure. Commissions are typically earned based on the sales volume of the weaker leg, encouraging teamwork and balance within the network.
  2. Unilevel MLM: Unilevel MLM features a straightforward and easy-to-understand single-level structure. Members can recruit and build their frontline without any width restrictions, allowing for the creation of an expansive network.
  3. Matrix MLM: Matrix MLM introduces a more structured approach by limiting the number of positions available on each level. This fosters collaboration among members, and bonuses are often earned based on the dimensions of the matrix, incentivizing teamwork and network growth.
  4. Board MLM Plan: The Board MLM Plan adds an exciting dimension to multi-level marketing. Members progress through a predetermined board structure, earning commissions as they cycle through boards. Our Chennai PHP MLM software development company helps to create a sense of achievement and encourages members to actively recruit and build their teams.
  5. Single Leg MLM: Single Leg MLM, or Monoline MLM, employs a linear structure without the requirement for two downlines. Commissions are earned collectively based on team sales, promoting rapid growth through recruitment.
  6. Cryptocurrency MLM: Cryptocurrency MLM combines traditional MLM structures with cryptocurrency-related products or rewards, capitalizing on the growing interest in cryptocurrencies to attract members and enhance commission structures.
  7. Recharge MLM: The Recharge MLM plan focuses on a specific product or service, such as mobile phone or utility bill recharges. Distributors earn commissions based on the recharges made by their downline or referrals, catering to a niche market.


We provide three months of complimentary support and expert-quality coding to ensure a seamless implementation and operation of your network marketing software. Our best software developers craft solutions that cater to diverse business models and entrepreneurial aspirations. If you are looking for an experienced and efficient MLM software development company, look no further. Our best MLM Software developers for customizable MLM software solutions are the perfect fit for your MLM business needs. Whether you prioritize simplicity, teamwork, or specialization, there’s an MLM plan that can align with your vision. Whichever plan you choose, investing in our resilient readymade MLM software will streamline your operations, track downlines, and manage commissions effectively.

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