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Important things to Know before Submitting your Dissertation Projects

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Dissertation Homework
Dissertation Homework
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A dissertation is an important milestone in your academic career. A dissertation reflects your concept of the subject, your ability of critical thinking and analysis, your skills of argument in favor of your findings and decisions, your research ability as well as your capability to represent the entire piece of work in the most professional manner. Working on a dissertation is not writing answers to some questions. Dissertation writing requires some special skills from you and proper planning before starting the task. When the time comes that you have to submit a dissertation project, you have to take care of the following aspects before you start your work.

Following Aspects to keep in mind while writing a Dissertation

The first task is to decide on a suitable topic and a ‘research question’ for the dissertation, with the guidance of your supervisor. You have to choose one which interests you and which has not been researched too extensively or too less. Before choosing the topic, you have to be sure about the required depth of knowledge needed to address the central question, which you have framed and, are going to discuss or answer in the dissertation.
The time available to complete the dissertation and the management of the same is one of the most vital aspects of writing the dissertation. Dividing the entire dissertation into different stages and allotting time for each stage, will help you to manage the time in advance.

The research and the investigation methods and the online and offline resources that you will search for to collect relevant information and empirical evidence should be taken care of before you start writing the dissertation. A method of taking notes each and every time you search for a new resource should be established, as otherwise, it will be tough to recall the resources and reference them at the end of the dissertation.

The structure of the dissertation is important for both time management and for outlining your work in advance. Although the ideas and thinking will change gradually with the progress of the dissertation, it is always better to have an outline of the structure before starting the dissertation. Your supervisor will guide you best in deciding the initial structure of your dissertation. The breaking of the whole work into various chapters will give an idea about the length of different chapters, which is essential to writing the dissertation within the stipulated word limit. However, sometimes the dissertation will come with a defined format and structure that you have to follow to write your piece of text.

The citation principles are very important and should be based on the one directed by your guide. Be acquainted with the citation principles carefully, as otherwise, your dissertation may fail to qualify for the plagiarism test. Moreover, to avoid plagiarism, you have to know how to rephrase or rewrite the statements made by other authors.

The above are the broad guidelines that you should follow while starting your dissertation project. You have to remember, that the dissertation should reflect your original thinking and it should be capable of contributing new thoughts to the discipline you have chosen as your subject of specialisation. The piece of work should be clear, brief, and concise. It should reflect clear logical thoughts and, your argument, be mathematical or theoretical, should be enough to establish your stance in answering the research question or giving your opinion on the dissertation topic. However irrespective of the mastery of the subject matter.

Skills Required for Formatting a Dissertation Properly

  • Your ability to decide on the topic of the dissertation.
  • Your ability to define a dissertation question clearly.
  • Your research ability and the ability to organise the information searching process.
  • Your ability for evaluating the researched information and to judge the relevance of the same for the dissertation topic.
  • Your ability to construct logical arguments as well as the ability to use your mathematical skills to support your findings and conclusion.
  • Your ability to organise the entire dissertation in the most professional manner so as to communicate your thoughts, arguments, findings, and conclusion, clearly to the intended audience.

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The writing skill should be good enough to convey your thoughts and ideas in a brief and concise format and clearly to the examiners. In fact, whatever may be the quality of your arguments and reasoning, if you do not have a command of the language; it is impossible to maintain the overall quality of the dissertation as well as its professional presentation. One effective approach is to prepare the first draft of your dissertation as quickly as possible and send the same to your guide for evaluation. It is always better to search for professional copy editors or proofreaders to edit and proofread your dissertation before the final submission. The selections of these services should be made in advance so as to get quality service.


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