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how to keep laptop active when working from home

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As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, many individuals find themselves relying heavily on their laptops to carry out daily tasks and responsibilities. However, laptops are prone to power-saving features that can lead to unexpected disruptions and interruptions during important work hours. In this article, how to keep laptop active when working from home we will explore effective strategies to keep your laptop active when working from home, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and maximizing your remote work experience.

Adjust Power and Sleep Settings

To prevent your laptop from entering sleep or hibernation mode during periods of inactivity, adjust the power and sleep settings. On Windows laptops, access the Control Panel or Settings, and navigate to Power Options. Customize the power plan to increase the duration before the laptop enters sleep mode. Similarly, on Mac laptops, go to System Preferences and select Energy Saver to adjust the sleep settings. By extending the idle time, you can keep your laptop active for longer durations, reducing disruptions while working.

Utilize External Peripherals

Employing external peripherals such as an external keyboard or mouse can help prevent your laptop from going idle. Most laptops have built-in sensors that detect user activity through the built-in keyboard and touchpad. By using external devices, the laptop perceives constant activity, ensuring it remains active even during brief pauses or moments of inactivity. This method is particularly useful when attending virtual meetings or engaging in tasks that involve minimal typing or cursor movement.

Keep Your Laptop Plugged In

One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your laptop active is by keeping it plugged into a power source. When connected to a power outlet, laptops typically disable power-saving features, allowing them to remain active indefinitely. Ensure you have access to a reliable power source, and use an appropriate charger to keep your laptop powered throughout the workday. However, remember to unplug and allow your laptop to discharge occasionally to maintain battery health.

Engage in Active Work Techniques

Incorporating active work techniques can help maintain laptop activity and boost overall productivity. Implement practices like taking short breaks to stretch or walk around, periodically adjusting your sitting posture, or incorporating standing desk setups. These actions ensure that you remain physically engaged and prevent your laptop from entering idle mode due to long periods of inactivity. Active work techniques not only keep your laptop active but also contribute to your overall well-being while working from home.

Utilize Screen Savers

Screen savers can serve as an effective tool to keep your laptop active during breaks or brief periods of inactivity. Instead of allowing your laptop to go into sleep mode, select a screen saver option that engages the display with visually appealing graphics or informative content. This way, your laptop remains active, and you can easily resume your work without any interruptions when you return to it.

Set Up Automated Tasks or Scripts

Automation can play a significant role in keeping your laptop active. By utilizing task scheduler applications or scripts, you can schedule automated tasks at regular intervals. These tasks can involve simple activities like moving the cursor slightly, opening specific applications momentarily, or running automated scripts that simulate user activity. Such automated actions trick your laptop into perceiving constant engagement, preventing it from entering power-saving modes.

Disable Sleep and Hibernation Modes

If you require uninterrupted laptop activity for extended periods, consider disabling sleep and hibernation modes altogether. Although this option is not recommended for general use, it can be beneficial during specific situations where maintaining constant laptop activity is critical. Access the power settings on your laptop and customize the sleep and hibernation modes to “Never.” However, use this option cautiously, as it can lead to increased power consumption and potential overheating if not managed properly.

Use Task-Related Productivity Tools

Employing task-related productivity tools can help you stay engaged and keep your laptop active. Utilize applications or browser extensions that prompt you to engage in specific activities or provide reminders to avoid long periods of inactivity. These tools can help you maintain focus, boost productivity, and prevent your laptop from entering idle modes due to prolonged periods of inactivity.


Keeping your laptop active is crucial to maintaining uninterrupted productivity when working from home. By adjusting power and sleep settings, utilizing external peripherals, staying connected to a power source, engaging in active work techniques, and leveraging automation and productivity tools, you can ensure that your laptop remains active and responsive throughout your workday. By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your remote work experience, minimize disruptions, and maximize productivity while working from the comfort of your home.


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