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Step by step Instructions How to Draw Arms Easily

How to Draw Arms. The human body is something that would be easy to draw. We all have one and see countless other human bodies in our lives, so it should be easy!

Also, check our fishing coloring pages.

But artists who have tried drawing them will tell you that drawing any part of the body can be incredibly difficult.

Human bodies are covered with specific muscle, skin, and bone structures; turning off any of these elements can ruin the entire picture.

This step-by-step guide to drawing arms will show you that this challenge can be much easier if you know what to do!

How to Draw Arms

Step 1

The best way to draw any part of the human body is to break it down into simple shapes. You will need a light pencil for this first step of our arm drawing guide.

We will use a pencil because these shapes won’t make it to the final image, but they’ll help you draw the muscles properly.

By referencing the reference image up close, you can construct a series of round and oval shapes to represent the arm’s musculature.

After you see it like in the picture, you can start outlining the arm in the next step.

Step 2

We’ll use the shapes you drew in the last part of drawing your arms to draw the shoulder and bicep of the first arm.

You could start using a pen for this stage, but I recommend using a pencil until both arms are drawn, so all the lines come together properly in the final image.

With this part of the arm drawn, let’s move on to step 3.

Step 3

You can draw more arms using the guide shapes from the first step of this arm drawing tutorial.

The forearm is thickest, where it joins the biceps and elbows, but then tapers as it moves down to the wrist.

This step should be easier, especially if you have your guide forms to help!

Step 4

Drawing your arms is easier since we will only add small details.

You can draw under the shoulder and near the bicep with a few curved lines to create some muscle definition.

This is the stage where you should start using a pen if you haven’t already.

We’ll erase the lines from step 1 in the next step, so it’s much easier if we can’t erase those muscle details along with them.

Step 5

When you reach step 5, you’ve already made great progress drawing the arms! In this step, we will finish this area, and at the same time, we will draw the other one.

Before we do that, let’s finish this arm.

First, draw a hand for this arm. The reference image shows a simple hand drawing you can replicate for your design.

Once it’s drawn and you’ve added all the final details, it’s time to release the pen.

You can trace any lines appearing in the final image with your pen or a dark-coloured pencil. After that, go back and erase the lines of the shapes from step 1.

However, let the ink dry before you start erasing!

If you want to draw a second arm to go with it, you can do just that with these instructions! You can draw a chest as it looks in the reference image.

Then you can download each previous step and reverse each image to start over on the other side.

Step 6

The final step of this how-to-draw-arms guide is fun! You’ve done the hard work of drawing some arms, so now you can relax and enjoy colouring them.

There are many different ways to colourize your image. You could draw a line on each arm to make it look like a shirt sleeve you can colour in.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can design some cool arm tattoos that use whatever colours you love! The possibilities for you to expand your creativity are endless.

Once you know what colours you want to use, what artistic means will you use to finish the design of your arms? We can’t wait to see how you use your colour creativity to complement your image.

Your Arms Drawing is Finished!

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