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Five Ideas For Making Kids Enjoy Escape Rooms 

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Kids by their inherent nature are usually found to be inquisitive and interested in almost everything. They are almost always swarming with various unique questions in their head, only waiting to be asked. Kids are also filled with energy throughout the day and never seem to grow tireless! They are usually creative and innovative in their ways and are keen on playing different games.  


Naturally, as one can already decipher, kids foster almost every single characteristic that the escape rooms look for in an ideal player! Thus, kids can serve as one of the best players for live-action and interactive Planet Escape Room. While adults on the other hand usually enter the escape room with a lot of anxiety and overthinking, kids usually step inside the rooms with eagerness and enthusiasm.  


However, given that not every escape room is suitable for your child, it is essential for parents to do their homework and choose the right escape room that kids will have fun playing in. Here are five essential ideas to make kids enjoy their escape room experience:  

 Ensure you do your homework well and learn about the escape room you visit.  

One of the foremost things you need to work on as parents is to learn about the escape room you are thinking of visiting. Escape rooms usually come in a wide range of themes and not all of these unique themes can be the right choice for your team.  


Particularly themes like horror or thriller may not be something that your kids will enjoy playing. Instead, these themes may even scare your child and make them frightened even at the thought of playing the game!  


It is best for you to gather as much information as possible about the escape room venue you are visiting and the kind of themes they offer. When it comes to choosing an escape game for kids, it is best to choose themes related to superheroes, fantastical stories, animals or may be even a 70s or 80s theme!  

 Talk to your kid(s) about the escape game.  

Having a small chat with your child about the escape room game before you go out to play it is something you cannot ignore. You may find that your kid may not necessarily be spooked or frightened of certain events in the way you thought they may be.  


So, ensure you draw the time out to talk to your child about their thoughts regarding the escape rooms. Furthermore, you can tell your child all about the escape rooms, including what they are, and assure them about their safety while playing the game.  


Prepping your child before they step inside the escape room games, can help them be prepared for what they are going to face inside the game. While doing this, you can also learn about the theme choices that they wish to try and choose a game accordingly! 

 Guide your child through the game.  

When you go to an escape room with your child, it is essential for you to remain patient with them and do your best to help them enjoy the game. In case you are not ready to do so, it is may be best to leave your child at home.  


When inside the escape game, you need to act as the guide for your child, helping them explore the different corners of the game. The escape rooms can offer your abundant room to be the best teacher for your kid, as you cautiously take them through the entire experience.  


You cannot expect your child to solve entire puzzles by themselves. But you can definitely allow them to help you out, while you are solving one! 

 Let your child do something of their age.  

Never forget that your child is far too young to solve the tricky puzzles and riddles all by themselves. These are some of the advanced tasks, that they can try only under adult supervision.  


Instead, you can allow your child to utilize their abilities in giving you a hand in the escape games. For instance, kids are usually creative and keen on finding hidden objects. So, while you are inside the escape room, you can leave the task of finding out the hidden clues and puzzles to your child!  


In this way, your kid will enjoy themselves as they play the game and feel happy about their contribution to the game. Thus, instead of expecting your child to do something far beyond their age, you can assign them tasks that are suited to their age, to help them enjoy the game and have fun!  

 Do not forget to have fun!  

Escape rooms are ultimately about taking the time out of your busy schedule and to have fun with your favorite people. So, while you can get insanely competitive to play and win the game, ensure you do not forget to have fun!  


Children are great when it comes to loosening up and not taking anything seriously. For adults, the escape rooms can be a way out of their adulthood and help them feel like a kid all over again.  


So, irrespective of whether you win or lose the escape room game, ensure you do not forget to loosen up and have fun. Your happiness will offer immense positive reinforcement and make them even more joyous!  


By following the five essential tips we enlisted above, you can help your kids enjoy their escape room experience. So, book your game and head to the escapades for a fun-filled family time with your kids! 




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