How to Export/Convert/Migrate Domino Mailbox To Outlook PST?

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Due to changing demands, switching from the default email application has become commonplace in modern life. It could be required to import Lotus Notes into Outlook in some circumstances. Unfortunately, because Outlook uses PST files rather than NSF files, Lotus Notes NSF files cannot be read in Outlook.

Therefore, before Lotus Notes mailbox data can be viewed in Outlook, it must first be converted to an Outlook-compatible format. This is the perfect location for anyone looking to switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2019 or 2016. We’ll discuss the most economical method to satisfy this need in this section.

Reasons why users want to switch from Domino Mailbox to Outlook PST

  • The extensive data management and high-security features provided by Microsoft Outlook are absent from Lotus Notes.
  • Users can set up many accounts simultaneously using an Outlook function¬†if they so want.
  • The user interface of Microsoft Outlook is more straightforward, making it easy for an inexperienced or non-technical user to use IBM Notes.
  • Microsoft Outlook is easier for users to exchange data with other Outlook users and is less expensive to maintain than Lotus Notes.
  • Working in offline mode is possible because of Outlook’s provision of Offline data.

What Is the Best Way to Import Lotus Notes into Outlook?

Even while a manual approach is free, it does not provide a straightforward way to import Lotus Notes data files into Outlook 2019 and 2016, or other versions of Microsoft Office, like Outlook 2013.

Free Solution To Migrate Domino Mailbox To Outlook PST

In two phases, an IBM Notes NSF file is exported to CSV format and loaded into the Outlook application. You’ll discover how to complete the manual solution in the next section.

1- IBM Notes NSF file is exported to CSV format

2- Import CSV file to Outlook

IBM Notes NSF file is Exported to CSV format

  • Double-click the IBM Notes document to open it after Lotus Notes has been installed on your computer.
  • Select Mailbox from the drop-down menu, then select File and Export, and finally, save the file with a name.
  • Choose Comma Separated Value Format from the Keep as type drop-down menu after giving the file a name.
  • The NSF files may then be imported into Outlook 2019 and 2016, as well as previous versions of Microsoft Office, by selecting the relevant options in the CSV Export box and clicking OK.
  • The data will then be stored in CSV format at the specified location after being exported.

List all the things you want to do. Microsoft Outlook is used to CSV file import is an 2 step.

Import CSV file to Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and select File > Open and Export > Import/Export from the drop-down menu to get started.
  • To start importing your data, use the Import from another application or file option in the dialog.
  • After choosing the Comma Separated Values check box in the Import a File box, click Next.
  • By selecting the Browse option, choose the CSV file that you want to upload. Next, choose the Upload button. The next step is to import NSF files into Outlook.
  • As seen in the figure below, after choosing an Outlook folder to save your exported data to, click Next.
  • To complete the process, check the appropriate option in the Import a File dialogue box and click Finish.

As a result, Microsoft Outlook properly imports all of the data from the CSV file. The data from IBM Notes may then be quickly obtained from Outlook.

Disadvantages of Using the Manual Approach

Because there are so many intricate phases in the native method, it is undoubtedly labor-intensive. Businesses prefer not to utilize this approach when doing so since it does not perform well when transferring a sizable amount of Lotus Notes data to Microsoft Outlook. If the user does not take the right actions, it is also possible for an NSF file to become corrupt. The procedure eventually gets more time-consuming and demanding because it can only perform one conversion at once. With this native solution, it is not feasible to use this way to import corrupt NSF files into Outlook.

Professional Solution to Export Domino Mailbox NSF to Outlook PST

It is now possible to overcome any manual problems because of a professional-recommended solution!

The Softaken NSF to PST Converter Software makes it simple to move data from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Any kind of user can use this software because of the user-friendly interface, which also contains several functionality targeted at getting things done.

This utility enables the conversion of NSF files, emails, contacts, calendars, and other data to Outlook PST format. As a result of this commitment, the original folder structure will be preserved when converting IBM Notes mailboxes to Microsoft Outlook format.

Steps to Convert HCL Notes to Outlook PST

  • Download and Install the Softaken NSF to PST Converter Tool on your system
  • Then add NSF files/folder by using Browse tab

  • It scan and show live preview of select NSF files

  • Then choose PST files from the given export options

  • After that select Output location to save the resultant PST files
  • At the end Hit on the Convert Now to start the process of Conversion

Conclusion: –

Users looking to move from Lotus Notes to Outlook are looking for a dependable and user-friendly solution. Therefore, we have developed techniques to import Lotus Notes data into Outlook to satisfy the increasing requests from users. This blog also offers a summary of the best automatic method for avoiding all types of manual errors.


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