Explore The Validity Of Ielts Test Results In Various Countries

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Introduction to IELTS at Nexgeneration Education

The International English Language Testing System is the basic test that helps you migrate to English-speaking nations for better opportunities. It is the most recognised English test accepted by many countries across the world.

According to the best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana, the validity of your IELTS test results depends upon the country and the organisation to whom you submit them.

In this article, we are going to shed light on some of these criteria imposed by different nations that decide the validity of your test results.

  1. Australia: In this country, your test’s validity is up to two years. However, if you apply for skilled labour migration, your validity period is up to three years. The best Visa Consultants in Ludhiana have found out that you need to score 6 bands to become an engineer and 7 bands for a job as a nurse. The Australian govt. has imposed different band requirements for different job roles.
  2. Canada: If you want to apply for PR in Canada, your test results must be within the last two years to attain validity. You will be required to retake the test again, or else it will be rejected or labeled as incomplete. There are three immigration programs prescribed by the Canadian government such as:
  •  Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class. 

For Express Entry, you need at least 7.0 bands, and for PR, you need 6 bands. Your test results need to be valid for the full six-month period required by IRCC to process your application.

  1. New Zealand, United Kingdom and US: The IELTS Partners of these countries recommend a validity period of 2 years. But it is ultimately up to these countries to decide your test’s validity period, based on the requirements they impose upon you. You can get your test results within a few days, based on the test you have chosen for the immigration and its requirements.

Further Things To Be Noted

You will find your test score on the Test Report Form(TRF). You will receive only one such form, which is valid for 24 months. 

You can get two copies of your TRF if you apply for Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the United Kingdom Border Agency. You need to present the application form for CIC and UKBA as a proof for getting the two copies.

How Are Your Results Determined

The band scores are your results. Each band shows different areas of proficiency in English, ranging from 1 to 9. If you score the required bands in every field, you will be able to enhance your chances of immigration effectively.


Getting the required bands is not enough to ensure your immigration. You also need to follow certain rules laid out by different countries to increase your chances of successful immigration. 

You can also consult us and enlist our immigration services to find the best job opportunities and enjoy the best quality and standards of life offered by these developed nations for a better tomorrow.

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