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Exasperated by QuickBooks Error 15240? The Best Solutions Are Here

QuickBooks Desktop users can receive some very difficult technical problems while downloading the payroll updates & QB Desktop updates, and one infamous example of such problems is QuickBooks Error 15240.

The emergence of this technical error indicates that some relevant files cannot be downloaded while finishing the payroll updates & QB updates.

This blog fully explains all the step-wise methods that can be reliably used to tackle this difficult problem.

Do you want immediate help to extirpate QuickBooks Error 15240? Simply dial 1.855.738.2784 to connect with our QB Technical Professionals Team.

Major Causes That Provoke a ‘15240 QB Update Error’

The following factors usually provoke a ‘15240 QB Update Error’ on the system’s screen:

  1. Incomplete admin rights to the QB installation folder can easily trigger this error.
  2. Technical interference from the Windows firewall & defective system date & time settings can also trigger this error.

How Can ‘QB 15240 Payroll Error Code’ Be Eradicated Easily?

The ‘QB 15240 Payroll Error Code’ can be erased using the methods listed below:

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Method 1: Ensure complete access privileges to all users for the QB Desktop installation folder on the system

  1. First of all, easily access the ‘C: drive’ on the system & then launch the ‘Program Files’ folder so that you can finally right-click on the ‘Intuit’ folder icon, following which you shall be able to successfully strike the ‘Properties’ tab.
  2. Next, go ahead to access the ‘Security’ tab shown inside the on-screen ‘Properties’ window, after which you can tap the ‘Advanced’ tab shown on the window.
  3. Thereafter, move further to tap the ‘Change’ option listed beside the ‘Owner’ name inside the ‘Advanced’ section & then simply write ‘Users’ inside the ‘Enter the object name to select’ field.
  4. Afterward, carefully click on the ‘Check Names’ option & then you shall immediately mark the ‘Replace owner on sub containers and objects’ option following which you can appropriately hit the ‘Apply’ and the ‘OK’ buttons.
  5. At this step, you will grant complete access rights to the ‘Users’ option by selecting the ‘Full Control’ option, and then you must save the fresh settings by hitting the ‘Apply’ and the ‘OK’ buttons on the window.
  6. Finally, step out of the ‘C: drive’ so that you can get all the payroll updates & QB Desktop updates successfully via the QB Desktop application.

Method 2: Correctly edit the system date and time settings to make it perfect on your computer

  1. In this method, first & foremost, right-click on the date and time box on the Windows Desktop so that you are able to choose the ‘Adjust Date/Time’ tab on the screen instantly.
  2. Afterward, carefully go to the ‘Date and Time’ window depicted on the Windows Desktop and then easily strike on the ‘Change date and time settings’ button so that you can get another window with the title ‘Date and Time Settings’ on the screen.
  3. At this point, correctly edit the date as well as time to ensure that your system has valid date & time settings, and then you must tap the ‘OK’ options to save the new changes, following which you can effectively obtain all the latest payroll & QB Desktop updates.

By carrying out the correct implementation of these methods, QuickBooks Error 15240 will get eradicated. For further analysis & help, dial 1.855.738.2784 to approach our QB Technical Experts Team.

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