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Do we need to care about AI Detectors? 

Do we need to care about AI Detectors? 

AI Detectors are the tools that are used by writers or anyone to scan the complete content and use algorithms to detect patterns. These AI content detectors provide the results displaying the percentage score of content written by humans and the score of AI content.    

A new AI technology-based tool Chat GPT was launched in 2022 and developed by OpenAI. This tool can generate content about a specific topic, and it also works as an AI content detector referred to as a GPT-2 Output detector.  

But generating content by using an AI-content writing tool can make your content flagged by AI detectors. The content written by the AI tool is not acceptable by the Google search engine and may be considered spam. To make your website perform better, you should use human-written content. 

What is AI-generated content? 

Content that is generated by using an AI tool is known as AI-generated content. The content that is AI-Generated can complete writing tasks quickly by saving time. AI-Generated content is not considered the original content by search engines because it is content that is written by an AI content writing tool. So, make sure your content is human-written or human-like content that should not be detected by AI content-detecting tools.  

Yes, we need to care about AI Detectors and the reason is AI Detectors are the tools that find out the content is generated by an AI tool or written by a human. 

As the Chat GPT has been introduced, people are checking the content submitted by content writers to ensure that the content is completely original and not AI-Generated. 

AI-Generated content is against Search Engine Google Guidelines 

Content that is generated using the AI-Content generator is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines stated by Search advocate John Mueller. 

The website content that has automatically generated content using an AI writing tool is considered spam which means not the original content. 

Search advocate states that the content written by the AI tool comes under auto-generated content that can give a penalty to the website. 

Although, systems of Google may not have that much ability to detect AI-generated content without human reviewers. 

When Google’s web spam team finds the auto-generated content then they will take action on it.  

There are some ways by using which you can make your content human-like written and avoid flagging content from the GPT Detectors or AI Detector.  

Detection of AI-Generated content 

There are concerns about the AI-Generated content that students are using the AI tool for generating content.  

Following are the ways to detect AI-Generated content. 

Short sentences – The content generated by an AI tool is shorter in length because it tries to write the content like a human. 

Words or phrases Repetition – If the words and phrases are repeated in the content then it is possible that the content is AI-Generated content. It tries to fill the content with keywords. 

Overusing of “the” – The content generated by AI tools is based on predictive language. So, it commonly uses “the”, “is”, or “it”. 

Less Analysis – AI-Generated content can’t analyze the data which means it provides content without detailed information. 

How to use AI-Generated Content? 

The content generated by the AI tool is used as assistance in writing and the following are the ways to use AI-Generated content. 

Write human-like content – The sentences of the content should look original which can prevent the detection of AI content by AI detectors. Try to write the content human-like that should not be detected by AI detectors. Make use of transitional phrasing, contractions, idioms, colloquialisms, interjections, and further relevant things. 

Include personal view – When you write content on a particular topic, include your point of view from you by giving your opinion. Make the content fluent and easy to read so that can be easily understood by the audience. 

Use credible sources – To give an original look to your content perform research very well and link the appropriate sources in the content. Give references to a wide range of sources to make sure the content is original. 

Prevent Keywords Stuffing – Use appropriate keywords in your content that can get more traffic on your website. Avoid repeating of same keywords in the content as it may signal the AI detectors to flag the content. 

Avoid Repeating of Phrases – The phrase that you have written in the content once that should not be repeated. The reason is AI content generators sometimes repeat the text, so it should be avoided. 

Overview of Blog 

We should care about the AI Detectors because they scan the content and finds out the AI-Generated text in the content. This can result in a penalty by the search engine Google. Before finalizing ensure the content you must implement the above-mentioned strategies explained in how to use AI-generated content to make the content as written by human writers. 

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