Cataract Surgery: Is It Temporary Or Permanent?

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If you do not see far away or nearby things, you do not drive properly. In that case, you suffer from a blurry vision problem. Often, people do not pay attention to the conditions. After some time, they are blind. But nowadays, hospitals have modern technology that offers cataract surgery. It is an easy and effective solution to your cataract problem. This surgery helps to enhance the ability of vision and improve quality of life. If you do not see properly and your lens becomes cloudy in that situation, you go to the best hospital and consult about your concerns and Cataract surgery in Jalandhar. 

Understanding cataract surgery 

Cataracts develop slowly. In this situation, your eye lens gets blurry, hazy or less vibrant. That condition comes with age. When you do not see properly, then it has a bad impact on your daily life. When your eyesight is blurry, then you do not do daily work such as reading, driving, or recognizing faces and things. Cataract surgery helps to improve your eye vision in a short time. After surgery, you can see all things clearly. 



When we get older, our eyes get more strength. In that case, the eye lens gets blurry and cloudy. Aging is the major reason for having cataract issues. 


In some cases, injuries can affect the eye lens. 

Medical condition

Some illnesses can be caused by having cataract conditions, such as diabetes.


When we use medicine for the long term, it can lead to cataracts 


  • Trouble seeing at night
  • Blurry vision
  • Colors seem dull
  • Often need glass changes 
  • Double vision 

Cataract surgery procedure 

This surgery helps to improve your vision so that you can see clearly. Here is a procedure step 

Remove the cloudy lens

Eye surgeons remove cataracts from the eye. 

Replace the new and clear lens.

After the surgeon carefully put the artificial lens in the right position. A new lens supports your eye focus correctly. 

Quick and painless

This surgery is quick and painless because surgeons use numbness drops in your eye.


After surgery, you need to cover your eye for some time. In some cases, patients recover faster.  


When you heal, your eye vision should be clear.

How long does the improvement last?

Frequently, people think cataract surgery is a temporary solution. But in truth, this surgery is a permanent solution. When you have the surgery, the surgeon removes your cataract and implants a new artificial lens in your eyes. After surgery, clouded lenses do not occur again in the future. Taking surgery, patients can enjoy clear vision for their entire lives. 

Factors that may affect longevity 

Cataract surgery is a permanent solution so you can see properly, but multiple elements can affect its longevity, such as 


Younger patients take this surgery after they experience changes in their vision when they are growing up. 

Lens selection

Some artificial lenses can impact longevity. 

Postoperative care 

After surgery, you need to care for your eye carefully. Because in some cases, patients suffer a few complications like swelling or infection. This condition impacts the lens’s longevity. 

Regular eye checkups

After surgery, you must check your eyes with your eye doctor. This step helps to reduce the chances of other conditions. 

If you have any eye-related problem, you immediately go to the Eye Hospital In Punjab, where experts provide reliable treatment. 


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