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Best Ways to Fix iPhone Flashlight not Working

After you have removed the Camera app from your most recently downloaded apps, try using your iPhones flashlight, and if that does not work either, then try this next solution. If your iPhone flashlight won’t work just when using your camera, open up the camera app and tap on the Flash button to select another setting.    

If it is not, test whether turning the camera flash on is enable from video mode of the Camera app, quit Camera from app switcher, and tapping on flashlight icon from the iPhones Control Center fixes it. When this does not work, see if removing the NFC label in the settings for iPhones iPhone Control Center and forcing a reboot of your phone fixes the flash problem. If your iPhone is crashing, or if any of iPhones features/apps, such as the flashlight, are acting incorrectly, try forcing a reboot on your iPhone.    

Fixes iPhone flashlight won’t work

Sometimes, performing a Force Reboot of your iPhone fixes a lot of problems, so LED flashlight malfunctioning problems can be solve too. A force reboot often fixes any software issues including the LED flashlight not working problem of the iPhone because it refreshes memory. Resetting the iPhone back to the factory settings may remove a few issues from within the settings menu which may be the reason why your flashlight does not work on your iPhone.    

If your iPhones flashlight is still not working after updating, charging, and the aforementioned checks, and unless the iPhone has drop, been water damage, or suffer some other physical harm, then you may want to reset your iPhones settings to eliminate any possible influences. If iPhones battery is near or below 20%, then first please recharge before you test if the flashlight is capable of getting back up and running properly. There are a number of features that are turned off when the low-battery mode is turn on, including the flashlight, meaning the iPhones flashlight does not function when that feature is turn on.    

Do not panic, because you can use the iOS system recovery software to restore your iPhones system with no data loss. IOS System Repair Software IOS is capable of fixing over 50 IOS-related issues like the iPhone stuck at the Apple logo, iPhone black screen, etc.    

Apart from your iPhone flashlight issue, TunesKit iOS System Repair is strong enough to solve over 150 IOS related issues, such as iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, keyboard on iPhone does not work, black screen of death iPhone, will not power on, etc. Designed for fixing iPhone system problems, Imyfone Fixppo has been successful helping a lot of people fix their phones malfunctions, such as iPhone keeps turning off and on, iPhone stuck on restore screen, etc., not to mention this problem with the iOS 16 flashlight not working on the iPhone. After trying all of the above methods, if you still face iPhone flashlight issues, then now you can take assistance from professional third-party iOS system repair tools.
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