Appropriate methods to fix QuickBooks Error 6150

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QuickBooks has proved its worth over the years by providing precise accounting to small organizations and assisting them in submitting taxes. The software comes in a variety of versions having different features designed according to different types of users. The software is nearly perfect but gets affected by internal issues randomly. QuickBooks Error 6150 occurs when you open the company file and leads to issues in the connection to the file. If you also face problems due to this company file error, stick to this blog till the end to discover the triggers for this error and the techniques to fix it.

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We have compiled the possible triggers of this company file error below-

  • Your system is infected with a Cryptowall virus making the company file inaccessible.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t have the appropriate permissions required for accessing the folder that contains the QB files.
  • The system resources required for QB to run are already occupied by other programs, which can also interfere with background QB processes.


The below-mentioned methods are effective in dealing with this QuickBooks error-

Solution 1- Check if your system has been infected by the Cryptowall virus

Cryptowall is a rare virus that can affect the data in your hard drive. The virus encrypts the files on your system, which makes them inaccessible for programs. QuickBooks can also fail to access the file in case the virus has encrypted the file and the software cannot read the file. When you open the company file, the software traces a path to the file to establish a connection. You’ll instantly see these error codes on your screen when the software fails to open the file due to the virus. You need to check your system data for the Cryptowall virus as mentioned in the steps below-

  • Press Windows + E on your keyboard to open the file explorer on your PC.
  • Go to the location of your company file, which is by default inside the QuickBooks folder that contains all the program files.
  • Check all the files to see if they have words like decrypt or instructions in their name.
  • If no such file exists, your system data is secure. If you see a file with the Cryptowall virus, try removing it using the antivirus or take professional help.

If the error is still not resolved, use the next solution.

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Solution 2- Use the QuickBooks in Administrator mode

The software can also struggle to open the company file if the system resources are preoccupied, or other PC programs interfere with the QuickBooks processes. You can avoid these issues by using the application in Administrator mode as described in the steps below-

  • Go to your QuickBooks folder or type ‘QuickBooks’ in the search bar.
  • Right-click on the application icon you use to launch the software.
  • Tap Run as Administrator in the options.
  • Open the company file again after QuickBooks opens in Admin mode.

After using the methods, the error will be rectified, and you’ll gain access to your company file.


This is the end of our blog explaining why QuickBooks Error 6150 affects your PC. We have also provided some countermeasures to tackle this error which we hope you’ll use to avoid such issues again in the future.

Get your remaining queries clarified by consulting a QB support team available at 1.855.738.2784.

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