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Aircon Monthly Maintenance: Know Why This is Important

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Nowadays, everyone spends a lot more time at home, therefore it’s critical to maintain a cool, comfortable environment.

It is especially crucial to take the time to perform HVAC repair in Singapore now that the summer months are rapidly approaching.

Your house must be a refuge where you can unwind and

get away from the elements since the summer months bring oppressive heat and humidity.

But perhaps your HVAC system is already in good condition. By performing routine maintenance,

you may extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and avoid the need for potentially expensive repairs.

Naturally, it is crucial to call the best air conditioner repair Singapore to have a look if it does break down.

Aircon Monthly Maintenance:

Maintain air filters clean:

Maintaining your unit’s peak performance may be achieved by routinely changing your air filters. These air filters become clogged with dirt and dust over time, which makes the unit work harder to produce the same amount of cooling. Your AC unit may need to be fixed if it is neglected for an extended period.

Check your outdoor parts:

The external HVAC unit parts are frequently neglected by homeowners. Your unit may malfunction if these are broken or clogged, in which case you must look for a normal aircon servicing Singapore.

Watch the coolant lines:

The refrigerant gas is used by your air conditioner to chill the air in your house.

Coolant leaks can occur when the pipes that move this gas are improperly insulated or malfunction.

This significantly reduces the effectiveness of your HVAC system and typically necessitates costly repairs.

Early detection of refrigerant issues is preferable. Check the lines once a month for any condensation that may be collected within the appliance.

Clear out some space:

Your HVAC system might be using less energy if trees and shrubs are encroaching on it. To keep the air moving properly,

be sure to clear some space around the outside parts of your air conditioner.

Where do you need to pay attention to during Aircon maintenance?

Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioner is crucial to maintaining year-round comfort in your house.

Your air conditioner will inevitably start to show signs of wear and tear over time, just like all your other home appliances.

There are a few components of your air conditioning unit that you need to pay special attention to,

to guarantee that your AC continues to function properly and efficiently and to prevent a very costly HVAC repair.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you can occasionally still want the assistance of an HVAC repair service owing to your air conditioner’s age, high use, or lack of maintenance.

To restore your unit to normal as soon as possible, you should bring in experts to inspect if you notice,

for instance, that your AC is blowing hot air or is making a loud noise.

Preventative actions, however, are always the best to make sure that your AC unit stands the test of time and continues to function effectively.

To make sure you can rely on your AC unit moving ahead, let’s look at five essential items you need to pay particular attention to.

Look into your air filters:

For your air conditioner to function correctly, there must be adequate airflow through it.

If the filters are not kept clean, the air entering your air conditioner will flow right through them,

causing dust and filth to begin to build up on the coils.

As a result, your air conditioner can blow hot, and your house might not cool down.

If you have pets, you may want to clean your filters even more frequently than once a month.

Evaporator coil cleaning:

Even if you regularly clean the air filters in your air conditioner, dirt and dust can still build up on the cooling coils.

The ability of the coils to absorb heat is compromised if dirt and dust build up on them, which significantly affects how well your AC cools your home.

As part of your AC service, be sure to get them cleaned.

Keep the condenser coil clean:

The condenser and fan unit are situated outside the house in every AC system. Of course,

The outside of your home is more likely to be unclean because of the wind-blown dirt, fallen leaves, and other debris that could get caught in the condenser coils.

Due to the dirt and debris buildup, very little heat is dissipated,

which causes your unit to work too hard and can cause the AC to start producing loud noises.

Make sure you regularly clean the condenser coil to keep it clear of dirt and debris to prevent this problem.

Make some space available:

Your HVAC system can be using less energy if trees and shrubs are encroaching on it. To keep the air moving properly, be sure to clear some space around the outside parts of your air conditioner. Regularly check on this, especially during the summer when things are developing quickly. if u still having problem, then call the best air conditioner repair Singapore.


You must act as soon as possible if your AC is not effectively cooling your house.

When your air conditioner is not operating at its optimum, the best thing to do is to call a reliable AC repair service in Singapore.

However, by doing routine AC maintenance, you can make sure your air conditioner runs correctly and reduces how frequently you need to call in the pros.



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