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8 Best Recipes For Gloom Recovery In Tears Of The Kingdom

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Getting hurt by Gloom can be dangerous, but luckily there are several recipes that can help you get your hearts back.

In Tears of the Kingdom, it can be hard to get through The Depths. The entire realm is full of Gloom and strong enemies that can slowly kill Link until he gets back to the surface. This can make it hard for players to explore the area, but there are other ways to get Link’s Hearts back from Gloom.

Tears of the Kingdom players who have lost Hearts while in The Depths don’t have to go back to the surface to get them back. They can just cook certain meals. In Tears of the Kingdom, here are the best ways to get Link’s hearts back from Gloom.

Sunny Cheesy Omelet

image 7

The Sunny Cheesy Omelette recipe not only sounds good, but it can also bring back up to 8 Hearts that were lost due to Gloom. But this dish does need a lot of different things to make it. Players will need Hateno Cheese, a Bird Egg, Rock Salt, and one or two Sundelions.

When the Letter to Koyin side quest is done, the player can get Hateno Cheese for the first time at the Hateno Pasture. After that, players can buy the cheese from different shops around Hyrule or trade with Koyin for it. Bird Eggs can be bought at a number of shops in Hateno Village, such as High Spirits Produce and East Wind. You can mine for rock salt or buy it at shops in Goron City or Gerudo Town. On the Sky Isles, dandelion plants grow all the time.

Sunny Wheat Bread

image 8

Sunny Wheat Bread is one of the recipes in Tears of the Kingdom that is easy to make. It only needs Tabantha Wheat and Rock Salt as a base. But players can add between one and three Sundelions to the dish if they want to add some Gloom Recovery. This will help them get up to nine Gloom Hearts back.

The Gerudo Town Cooking Stall and The Slippery Falcon in Rito Village are two places in Hyrule where you can buy Tabantha Wheat. Rock Salt can be found while digging or bought from certain shops in Goron City and Gerudo Town. Sundelions grow most often on the Sky Isles.

Sunny Veggie Porridge

image 9

Players of Tears of the Kingdom may already know how to make Sunny Veggie Porridge, since it’s an important part of the Gloom-Borne Illness side task. For this version, you need some Hylian Rice, some Fresh Milk, and one to three Dandelion flowers.

Hylian Rice can be bought at the General Store in Lookout Landing, the Cooking Stall in Gerudo Town, and the General Store in Zora’s Domain, among other places. It’s pretty easy to find Fresh Milk; players just need to go to the shop in Lookout Landing. You can also get it by trading some nuts for some Fresh Milk at Hateno Pasture. On most of the Sky Isles, it’s easy to find Sundelions growing.

Sunny Fried Egg And Rice

image 10

It’s pretty easy to make Sunny Fried Egg and Rice. Players will need Hylian Rice, a Bird Egg, and one to three Sundelions. When this food is cooked, it can bring back up to 9 Gloom Hearts.

Bird Eggs can be found in tall trees, or you can buy them from places like High Spirits Produce and East Wind. Hylian Rice can be bought from many places in Hyrule, like the General Store in Lookout Landing, the Cooking Shop in Gerudo Town, and the General Store in Zora’s Domain. There are sundelions near some Zonai ruin places, but they are also easy to find on most Sky Isles.

Sunny Herb Saute

image 11

Sunny Herb Sauté is one of the best ways to get Link’s hearts back from Gloom in Tears of the Kingdom. You only need Goron Spice and one to four Sundelions to make this dish. The dish will get back more Hearts the more Sunflowers are used. If you use all four, the dish will give you back 12 Gloom Hearts.

Goron Spice is easy to get from the General Store in Goron City. On the Sky Isles, on the other hand, it’s easy to find Sundelions.

Sunny Steamed Fish

image 12

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Sunny Steamed Fish dish is one of the best for healing Gloom Hearts. This recipe is pretty easy to follow. All players have to do is mix any fish with one to four Sun Pumpkins. It’s important that the fish doesn’t do anything when it’s cooked, because if it does, the Sun Pumpkins won’t work. The person will be able to get more Hearts back the more Sun Pumpkins they use.

Most bodies of water in Hyrule have fish, or you can buy them from certain sellers. When The Mayoral Election side quest is done, the player will be able to buy sun pumpkins in Hateno Village.

Sunny Steamed Tomatoes

image 13

One of the most popular things players will find in Tears of the Kingdom is a Hylian Tomato. It can be hard to figure out what to do with all of them, but this method lets Happy Wheels players use some of them. In order to make Sunny Steamed Tomatoes, you need a Hylian Tomato and between one and four Sundelions.

Once the dish is ready, it will heal Link for a huge 14 Gloom Hearts. You can find Hylian Tomatoes in East and West Necluda, and you can find Dandelion on most of the Sky Isles.

Sunny Fried Wild Greens

image 14

Sunny Fried Wild Greens is the best food for Gloom Recovery in Tears of the Kingdom. Players can make this dish by combining their Sunny elements, which are Sun Pumpkins and Sundelions. This dish can be made with any amount and mix. And it can bring up to 15 Hearts back from Gloom. This is a great dish for people in The Depths who are trying to kill some of the most dangerous enemies.

On most of the Sky Isles, you can find a lot of dandelions. On the other hand, players can’t buy Sun Pumpkins until they have finished The Mayoral Election quest in Hateno Village.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch.


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