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10 Guilty Gear Strive Characters That Need Return As DLC

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There are a lot of good characters in Guilty Gear Strive, but a lot of them didn’t make the cut. What fights should be DLC?

The personalities in Guilty Gear Strive are all unique and easy to remember, and they keep coming back. Not every figure gets a spot on the team, though. Even if series veterans show up in the game’s story, they might not be on the base roster. This is the case for many popular characters.

Guilty Gear is no stranger to re-releases and changes to games, especially when it comes to DLC characters. The same game has been released multiple times with small changes and DLC characters. The first season pass is supposed to have five characters, and there are a few good candidates for those spots.

Holy Order Sol

image 85

You might ask, “What is this copy of Sol?” Well, for many players and fans, this is the best way to play this character. Even though the original Sol and his Holy Order Knight version share a lot of moves, this one might be able to make more naughty combos because of the moves that are special to him.

Sol is already a very strong character, so if he gets the Strive treatment, we might end up with an incredibly strong character.


image 86

Answer is the most well-dressed ninja you’ve ever seen. He uses seals and other special tools to make his strikes last longer and confuse his enemies. A lot of this character’s resources come from kunais, big shurikens, and cards, and there aren’t many attackers who use projectiles right now.

Since not many characters in Strive have a lot of air movement or tools, it would be interesting to see if the developers added Answer’s seals and air dashes from Rev 2.


image 87

Have you ever wondered why the game Guilty Gear is called that? In short, some scientists tried out Gear Cells, which are a type of cell that can change the body into which it is put. It was meant to be the next step in the development of humans and all that. Gear Justice is one of the things that happens in the middle.

This could be one of the strongest things in the whole series. Justice can attack with huge beams from her mouth, small fireballs that make big explosions, and a beautiful and dangerous weapon that looks like a black sword. We think that her makeover alone will blow our minds.


image 88

We haven’t seen A.B.A in a while. Her last major game was Guilty Gear XX, which came out in 2006. If you count the Switch ports, there were updates in 2012 and 2019, which are a long time after Flappy Bird came out. All of this means that your favourite homunculus hasn’t been on a Guilty Gear lineup in a while.

With some work, A.B.A could be brought back into the story, and her slow and defensive style of play could add something new to the fast-paced and high-damaging cast of Strive. Her defence might be as good as some of the characters who are bigger and stronger.


image 89

Johnny is the leader of the Jellyfish Pirates, which is a team made up of only women. In Strive, May gets all the credit for the team’s success. It’s too bad he can’t be there to see his home turf become one of the best places to play.

People who are new to the series might think that Nagoriyuki is a better choice than Johnny because he moves slowly and uses a sword. But Johnny’s coins give him the chance to do some good zoning and pressure in neutral. When you add in the fact that he uses hand-to-hand fighting in his combos, there is no reason to worry that the two fighters will feel too similar.


image 90

So many Guilty Gear games and updates have had Slayer in them that it seems strange that he isn’t on the Strive squad in some way. In the story, he is having the time of his life, but he has never let his retirement stop him from getting back in the ring. Your favourite cool vampire who kills people should come back.

Nagoriyuki brings back the blood-sucking feature, but that doesn’t mean that Slayer can’t use it again. The fact that he can teleport and that he puts a lot of stress on air combos make his close-range fighting more fun.

Jam Kuradoberi

image 91

Jam is one of the few characters in Guilty Gear who fights with his bare hands. This is a nice change from the norm. Jam’s rushdown style works well with Strive’s faster-paced gameplay, and Giovanna or Leo mains would enjoy playing it.

Jam, on the other hand, doesn’t follow Leo’s gorilla style of rushdown attacks and aggression. Instead, she has inputs that take a lot of planning and charging in order to make the most of her kit. Even so, Jam is pretty easy to learn, and you could just do a full rushdown.


image 92

In all honesty, Venom should come back in part because of how he looks. It’s also strange that he’s not coming back after being in the series since the second movie. He won’t have the same style that fans love. Instead, he’ll probably keep wearing his new chef jacket or tie his hair back.

With Strive’s new focus on neutral and hard-hitting combos, it would be interesting to see how a zoner who focuses on chip damage and setting up plays would do. Venom’s moveset might need a makeover, or at least enough changes to be very different from how it was in Xrd Rev 2.

Elphelt Valentine

image 93

It doesn’t feel like a question of “if” Elphelt will happen, but rather a question of “when.” She is just as important to the story as anyone else could be because she is a Valentine. Her new addition to the franchise gives her playstyle a lot of room to grow and a lot of options for the future.

This character’s wide range of moves gives the creators a lot of room for creativity. She already had a lot of damage, moves that were good for blocking, and tools for almost every situation. Elphelt was one of the more well-rounded characters in Xrd Rev 2, and she might play a role in Strive that is very similar to Ky Kiske’s… please make it a little stronger?


image 94

Since Dizzy has been such an important part of Guilty Gear for so long, it’s wrong that she’s been left off so many teams. She had a small role in Strive, so it’s possible she could jump right back in. After all, she was downloadable content for Xrd Rev.

Dizzy’s neutral would focus a lot on blocking with her projectile attacks before going in for heavy close-range attacks to finish off an opponent. Her handling of tension is always tricky, which adds some depth to how she plays her role.


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