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10 Biggest Plot Holes In Horizon: Call Of The Mountain

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Did you know that some things in Horizon: Call of the Mountain don’t make sense? Look at this!

Horizon: Call of the Mountain is a VR spinoff of the Horizon series, which is only available on the Playstation. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where huge machines rule most of the land. For the first time in the series, the game’s main character isn’t Aloy. Instead, Ryas, a former Shadow Carja who wants to make things right, is the main character.

Under a microscope, the game’s design and story are mostly good, but there are a few big mistakes that might pull you out of the world. The whole point of virtual reality is to make you feel like you’re in a different place, so the last thing a VR game wants to do is ruin the fantasy.

Why Are Bows The Most Prevalent Weaponry?

image 34

If you’re a fan of the series, you might already know the answer to this question: after the end of the world, there aren’t enough resources to make guns or other weapons, so bows are the best way to protect yourself. The problem is that bows aren’t the only weapons from the past.

A crossbow, which uses similar technology to a bow but can be used more freely in exchange for a small loss of accuracy, is one of the most obvious options to a bow. There have been a few bolt weapons in the series, but they work more like shotguns than standard crossbows. In a world where not being prepared can kill you, it makes no sense that a character wouldn’t even carry a small crossbow as a sidearm.

Why Does Ryas Speak To Himself So Much?

image 35

Most people are surprised to learn that there are people who talk to themselves out loud, but that’s not what Ryas is doing as the game goes on. Due to the pre-written lines he uses in certain scenarios, you start to wonder why he keeps saying “I’ve been seen” over and over again in a minute.

If the only goal is to let you know what’s going on. There are more subtle ways to help people learn more about their surroundings. Instead of being helpful, Ryas sounds more like the mechanical monsters he fights than he does.

Why Didn’t Aloy’s Meeting With Ryas Ever Come Up In The Other Games?

image 36

No one expects Aloy to go off on a tangent about that one time she helped Ryas, but it’s strange that meeting a former Shadow Carja who plays such a key role in helping her friends doesn’t seem to register with her as much more than a footnote.

This is especially interesting because Call of the Mountain is meant to take place during Zero Dawn. It may not have been made until a long time after the first game. But they didn’t even have to include Aloy if they wanted to avoid some confusion.

Why Is Climbing So Restrictive?

image 37

Even though Ryas is a great climber, he only seems to be able to climb along very specific paths. He even avoids climbing on certain geometric shapes, even though he could probably climb on them if he wanted to.

Ryas thinks that climbing on thin rebar or the shaky tendrils of an old machine is a much better idea than trying to climb around a slight overhang more than once in the game. This is what happens when games are set up in a straight way. But that doesn’t make it any more reasonable.

Why Is Ryas So Bad At Stealth Combat?

image 38

In the main titles of the Horizon series, Aloy uses stealth to get the upper hand on her enemies. It makes sense, since you need all the help you can get when you’re fighting a lot of strong enemies as a one-woman army. But, strangely, Ryas doesn’t seem to be able to keep any kind of stealth edge on his journey.

Even if you try to hide in tall grass like Aloy, Call of the Mountain focus on fighting will force you into a fight after just one or two shots. There’s no real reason why this works for Aloy but not for Ryas. It’s just another piece of machinery that wasn’t taken care of as well as it should have been.

Why Are Watchers So Bad At Their Job?

image 39

When it comes to stealth outside of battle, there is a part of the game. Where you have to sneak past a group of Watchers by climbing around things that block their view. This should be a scary moment where you try to avoid their eyes and get away without getting hurt. Instead, you realise how bad the Watchers are at watching.

Even if a Watcher sees you and shoots a few rounds with the guys. There’s not much keeping you from hanging out in a corner until they stop looking. But then, they probably won’t ever wake up. Because your legs hanging in front of them don’t look like signs of life to them.

How Is Radel Okay To Walk After Two Days Of Being Stuck?

image 40

Even though muscle loss probably won’t happen in two days, hunger and dehydration happen much more quickly than you might think. Radel might have had some extra supplies for the trip that helped her while she was stuck. But since her water bottle was strapped to her back when she got up to leave. It’s unlikely that she could have drank enough water to stay hydrated.

Dehydration can cause serious problems for the body, like dizziness and hallucinations. Ryas’s joke offer to give her a piggyback ride isn’t as funny now that we know that’s exactly what she would have needed to get down the mountain without getting hurt.

Why Does Ryas Need To Craft His Own Tools?

image 41

Even though putting together many of the tools you use on your wall-climbing trip is a nice show. It’s strange that many of the simpler tools need to be put together. Even though it would take a long time to make copies of complicated or specialised tools. There was no reason why Ryas couldn’t find at least one or two pickaxes in storage.

When Ryas drops his tools into the void by mistake, you can’t help but think of this. Since he would normally have to go back to a crafting table and start the whole process over again.

How Does Ryas Have So Much Pocket Space?

image 42

During his journey, Ryas keeps a lot of supplies and tools with him. He has so much stuff that it’s reasonable to wonder where he keeps it all. A rucksack seems like an easy answer, but that would mean he has the stamina of a Greek god when it comes to climbing while carrying things.

This question is even harder to answer because Snake Game is in virtual reality (VR), which gives you a physical form in space that you would think follows the laws of physics. When you’re hanging by one hand from a ledge with no place to put your feet. It’s pretty amazing that you can also pull out a grappling hook with little or no searching.

Why Can Ryas Teleport His Tools To His Hands?

image 43

In other games, you might not be able to put items over your shoulder until you put them in a certain way. In Call of the Mountain, you can drop your tools and watch them fall into the void during climbing parts. Don’t worry, though, because the context menu makes it easy to get them back almost right away.

This puts Ryas in the same group as Kratos and other main characters who can call their items back like pets. However, Ryas isn’t meant to be a god like Kratos. Why can he do this in a game where making things is so important?


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